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A shamefully geeky idea, born from the Geek Code many years ago. The WoW code allows you to share your WoW dedication and passion with others in true geek style. Now updated for Cataclysm.

N=Mortigen, Mc=DK80, Ms=Unholy-dps, Os=frost-tank, Mr=Dr, S=Eonar-US-Pve, G=Exile, PvE, Y=2006, D=C, L-

A few conventions used here are:

  • {term}! = not interested, never will do or participate. eg. Pve!
  • {term}++, +, present, -, — = basically gives a 5 point scale for how you view/like something.
  • {term}? = if you consider the activity silly. eg. RP?
  • Subterms are added after the main modifier. eg. D++H
  • Sub values or multiple values are separated by a “/”. eg. R: Hu+/Gn-/Dw+
  • Commas are the Term separator, which is a switch from v0.1.

And the terms are:

  • N = Name. eg N: Mortigen
  • Mc = main class. eg. Wa, Ro, DK, Wl, Pr, Ma, Dr, Hu, Pa, Sh
  • Ms = main spec. eg. Resto, Unholy, Prot, Shad; or P, S, A added to the class descriptor.
  • Mb = main build. 7/0/59
  • Os = off-spec, or dual spec. As per Ms above.
  • Ob = off-spec-build.
  • Mr = Main race. Hu, Gn, Sw, Ne, Dr, Be, Tr, Or, Tu, Un.
  • All combined the M statement might be: M: DK74, or M:DK-U-74, UDK74-Un, or M:DK74-7/0/57. All which mean an Unholy Undead Death Knight at level 74. Or could be broken into the separate items, if you prefer. Given how important our mains are, it was better to give a few options.
  • Alt = listing any major alts: Ro70, Pr72. Can also have spec: SPr72 (72 Shadow Priest), RPa 55 (55 Ret Pally)
  • S = Server name, location, and mode of your main server. Eonar-US-Pve.
  • G = Guild name and ranks like M = master, O = officer, R = raider, G by itself means guilded, G! not interested in joining a guild. Class and role specific officers should add: +L = loot, +class. eg. GMO+Pa is the Guildmaster and Paladin class leader.
  • Pvp = You’re a gun pvp’er Pvp++, or hate it Pvp!
  • Pr: Pvp ranking. Bracket / Season / Top rank
  • Pw: Pvp win/loss ratio. eg. Pw: 222/47
  • Pk: Pvp kills. eg. Pk: 1024
  • Pt: Old pvp title in pvp eg. Pt: Seagent
  • 2v2 = rank and record
  • 3v3 = rank and record
  • 5v5 = rank and record
  • Pve = You do a little raiding
  • Y = Year.month you started playing, such as Y2006.5 means May 2006.
  • D = dedication, such as ++ all the time every night, — very rarely play, H consider yourself hardcore, C consider yourself casual. A D with no adjustments means you try to play a few times a week, for at least 3 or so hours each session; but work and life can and will get in the way.
  • Ori = List most difficult instance fully cleared, then the instance you were working on before moving to the next expansion. eg. Naxx, BWL, MC, etc. Add a B if you were in the Beta. eg. Ori:B-ZG/BWL
  • tBC = List highest/most difficult instance fully cleared. eg. Kara, Mags, Sunwell, etc
  • wLK = List highest/most difficult instance fully cleared, with a number for size (10/25), and H for heroic mode. eg. Naxx10, or HNaxx25.
  • Cata = List highest/most difficult instance fully cleared, with a number for size (10/25), and H for heroic mode.
  • L = ++ to — for how passionate about the game lore you are. L+.
  • C = class of love or hate. Pick a class abbreviation above, and add the typical notes. eg. C:DK++/!Hu
  • R = race of love or hate. Pick Hu, Gn, Sw, Ne, Dr, Be, Tr, Or, Tu, Un and add grades. eg. R:Dr+/Gn?
  • RP = ++ to — as normal. Then add H if you’re always in character.
  • ) = Sensitivity, D almost never offended, ) not easily offended, | good natured, ( I’m sensitive, :X no sense of humour.
  • V = version of this code. This is 1.0.

I’ll update this page as the revisions roll in.

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