Diamon is out of retirement and dying regularly in Instances again. So at some point I’ll update the gear list for what I’m hunting for. For my own use, noting the places where they drop to make run selection easier. Cataclysm leveling as Prot was fantastic fun, even without doing instances regularly.

Granted a stack of the work is already done on WoWWiki Tankadin gear guide, but I found a great page on Zen Tanking which shows a progression, and EJs.

At the moment the only thing I’ll do is level Engineering to be ready for the Mists of Pandaria release; and to get some groovy Eng gear.

My comrades are my weapons, and I am their shield.

While I draw breath, they shall not perish.

So long as they live, our enemies will fall.

I am defender, protector, guardian.

I am a Paladin.

With all the Emblem rewards around it will take ages to get a good Protection and Retribution set.

Diamon as a fresh level 80 Tankadin

Diamon as a fresh level 80 Tankadin