Guide to the Fall of Theramore Scenario

Some notes for the Fall of Theramore Scenario, as implemented at 85.

TLDR = Essentially you run through the place zerging and watching not to gather too much threat, unless you’re a tank then grab it all and hope somebody heals you.

Horde characters will play Garrosh’s attack plan to raze Theramore instead of the Alliance characters trying to clean up after it is destroyed.

For both Factions

  • A gear requirement of ilevel 353 for 85, and 425 for 90.
  • Each faction has five stages to complete. But dont worry the stages are trivial.
  • The scenario is for three players.
  • Your quest auto-tracker will tell you where you are on the stages, using a new feature box, with the stage name and a number. Nice feature.
  • Overall the Scenarios are direct enough to follow the mini-map indicators. Kill the mobs between you and the objective.

Alliance Overview

The goal for Alliance players is to kill the remaining horde invaders. Kill trash, kill bosses.

Hints for Alliance characters

  1. None really, just stay together, heal, dps, tank for each other and you’ll be fine. Especially in good gear.

Horde Overview

(not played) The Horde characters are seeking to destroy Theramore, using a gigantic mana bomb.

Before Destruction Scenario Map

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