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I am an avid World of Warcraft Player, and have been for many years. Given that almost everything I write on this blog is about WoW its a bit of an unneeded page, but I like having gathering places to talk about Warcraft as separate from my other games and hobbies.

Gearing in Mists


As an alt-a-holic I have toons on a stack of servers. The list below are the mid to high levels ones, or those that get attention from time to time (specs will change a lot as I play around). All toons below are on the Nagrand US-Server.

  • Mortigen – 85 Draenei Death Knight, Blood/Unholy spec. 525 Miner / 525 Blacksmith.
  • Diamon – 85 Human Paladin, Protection spec. Engineer/Miner at 525/525.
  • Raze – 85 Warrior, Tank and Arms spec.
  • Arkham– 85 Human Warlock, Demo spec. Enchanter/Tailor at 525/520.
  • Quendalon – 85 Night Elf Druid, Feral spec. Skinner/Leatherworker 525/500.
  • Agmundur – 85 Hunter, Beastmaster spec.
  • Yeirah – 81 Human Priest, Shadow spec. Alchemist/Herbalist 525/480.
  • Aurac – 51 Draenei Mage, Frost spec. Enchanter at 230-ish.
  • Nagarj – 50 Draenei Shaman.
  • Inimical – 50 Night Elf Rogue.
  • (coming soon) – 1 Pandaren Monk

8 thoughts on “My Toons

  1. I just don’t “get” them, and I think my brain can’t handle another class. I honestly have a really mad memory and trying to keep track of Paladin, Warlock, Mage, and Druid abilities really does my head in.

    I sub’ed over to an old server to play for a bit, loaded my Rogue, and was pretty lost of what the extra moves were. This on a toon that I used to be fantastic on (humble too).

    I’ll have to try one to level 20 soon, just to see if they are as good as all the Mad-Hunters say they are.

  2. I have 3 hunters;
    54 NE Asenawolf – Smolderthorn
    55 NE Asena – Moonrunner
    33 BE Inci – The Forgotten Coast
    I dnt know why I didnt level one of them to 70.

    May be I afraid that my hunters won’t be great one like my son’s 70 Orc Hunter MEZAR, who sigled out Uvuros.
    He had a video of his Uvuros success on

    Gratz typhoonandrew, u got many toons like me.
    70 Gnome Fire Mage Tulin
    70 Gnome Affl Lock Gelin
    70 Human Shadow Pri Pelin

    70 Human Frost Mage Tatonkalone
    66 Gnome Arcane Mage Elifcan
    55 NE Hunter Asena

    70 Orc War Barracudaz
    22 UD Mage Safinaz

    54 NE Hunter Asenawolf
    44 Human Holy Pri Idil
    40 Gnome Demon Lock Narin
    36 Human Rogue Canan
    29 Human Paly Asena

    The Forgotton Coast
    33 BE Hunter Inci

    also have low level Dreanei Shaman, Gnome War,
    Gnome Mage, Gnome Lock less then L26 on other servers.

    I have health problem keeping me at home, running my business with 3 good men.
    I just purchase materials, describe jobs and inspect.
    How you find that much time to play this game?

  3. Typhoon, Was checking out your 70 Lock Spec. I just dinged 70 a couple days ago, I’m maxed out demo, though i’m not doing much damage and I crit every so often. Could you tell me spell rotation, I’m thinking this is my problem? Thanks Theiceberg/Destromath

  4. Hmm, Warlock specs. Honestly I’m really not sure – as I have not played my Warlock in a steady manner since about 3/4 of the way through tBC. So take my advice with a grain of salt.

    However my take on Demo is that it sucks, and has been made worse in Wrath. Avoid it. The top tree talent is a cute toy that I don’t see as useful in a raid/run, and the rest of the tree seems torn between two modes: having your pet out to do damage (which requires a lot of talent points being spent to get ok damage) and having your pet sacrificed, which makes the pet enhancing talents you’ve purchased to get there as useless. Basically I like Demo as a leveling spec, but nothing else – its a free Tank with Felguard. Having said that some folks still like Demo for pvp, but even then Afflict DoTs are better for spreading damage across many targets.

    My Warlock started as Affliction, and then went a Sacrafice/Destro build for fast and powerful shadowbolts. My typical fight was Curse, Corrupt, SBx? till a dot needed refreshing.

    If I wasn’t playing my Death Knight, then I’d be looking to compare a heavy Affliction build with a heavy Destruction build. My personal favourite of the two is Affliction, as on longer fights the DoTs can really shine; especially on fights that require the characters to move around a lot. Dot-run, dot-run, dot-run, refresh is the go. If all your dots are applied then SB something.

    On short fights a Afflict warlock will be sluggish in dps, as they really need 15-20+ seconds to get full affect on each target. There is no point casting a DoT on something that will die in 8-12 seconds.

    And I’m sure my Warlock’s demo spec is crappy now. There have been a few changes since I created it, and I was not really intending to stick to it even then. Warlock’s Den is the bomb for builds and comments, that is where you’ll find the most up to date info.

    If you’re after big crits then Desro is the build to choose, and from what I have read the rotation has to combine both Fire and Shadow, which is a change from Destro shadow-bolt spam in tBC. This is a good thing.

    My cast rotations are usually based upon a few guidelines:
    – cast a dot that will finish with the mob still (just) alive.
    – don’t refresh a dot that wont do most of its time/damage.
    – sometimes the best curse to use is a non-damage curse. Tongues for casters as it does not break CC and slows their damage output, anything that makes everyone’s damage better not just yours, and Weakness is sometimes good for targets that hit really hard.
    – And if its a long fight always hit Curse of Doom, as it will do a large amount of damage. But what is better is that it does that damage but only costs you one cast/Global Cool Down. If you cast curses to do the same amount of damage you’d struggle to do so as each cast invokes the GCD and may not be well timed due to moving.
    – long cast time spells first, especially during the initial pull. eg. cast that long cast spell while the tank is pulling.
    – work out any synergy spells; like Immolate+Conflag so that you can get the extra hit from having them both. Especially true for Shadow Priests.
    – nothing wrong with applying dots to everything. Tab targeting with marking are your friends.

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