Unlike the Pally gear, my warlock needs only a few drops from the instances that I can get access to easily, and all that and more can be replaced by badges. The Warlock’s Den Gear List is fantastic as a jump point.

So the need list is:


I don’t need any trinkets for actual gear, and anything now is just for the sake of it. The Brewfest Pipe which copies the Icon of the Silver Crescent was the last must have.

Enchants I’d like to get:

  • Enchant Cloak – Steelweave, from Priestess Delrissa in Mgt (375)
  • Enchant Weapon – Executioner, from ZA (375)
  • Enchant Weapon – Mongoose, from Moroes in Karazhan (375)
  • Enchant Weapon – Soulfrost, from Illhoof in Karazhan (375)
  • Enchant Weapon – Sunfire, from Aran in Karazhan, (375)
  • Enchant Ring – Stats, from Shat – Lower City Vendor, requires Honored (375)
  • Runed Eternium Rod, from Shat (375)
  • Void Shatter, from Isle Quel, requires Honored with Shattered Sun (375)
  • Enchant Boots – Surefooted, stagehand in Kara (370)
  • and many more.

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