Guide to the Arena of Annihilation Scenario

This scenario is a quick series of battles against mini-bosses with some tricky but ignorable powers. It is tuned for beginning level 90 characters, so well geared characters will do exceptionally well against it. If a player can handle all the strategies to survive in AoA, then they can probably learn how to survive in a raid.

Overall strategy – stay alive, it is not a dps race at all. Slow and steady will win this scenario. In fact I think most of the battles could be solo’ed by a tough Tank character. I have certainly two manned the scenario with a low spec character assisting.

  • Stage 1 – Scar-Shell – a huge dragon turtle. Tank might be handy here, but he does not hit hard enough to worry most Dps classes. The most frustrating challenge will be if you need to use a survival cool-down this early.
  • Stage 2 – Jol’Grum – an furry monster. He charges, focuses and stomps, but is essentially easy to defeat. A team with a healer or tank will be fine.
  • Stage 3 – Little Liuyang – a fire sprite. Trick here is to stay out of the fire spouts which are telegraphed early, don’t stay in the circle of fire, and stand behind the small summoned monsters to kill them without getting hurt. Basically stay out of teh bad.
  • Stage 4 – Chagan Firehoof – big due on a mammoth. Ignore the mammoth as you don’t need to kill it and it has a lot of health. Focus kill Firehoof, avoiding the fire on the ground, and possibly kite a bit when he uses the big smashing abilities.
  • Final Stage – Defeat the final mini-boss who is typically a fish-person or a similar monk-style NPC. Nothing untoward here, but watch for powers which only affect a facing direction and move out/away.


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