About Me

Hi there,

My name is Andrew, and this blog is all my thoughts about life, and mainly about computer games like Warcraft, but also about books, films, and many other flights of fancy. This is how I spend my free time.

One-Line Bio

A devil’s advocate who loves technology, culture, and cinema.


Beliefs: Your focus defines your reality.
Politics: Independent thought is more important than a party loyalty. Diplomacy is better than aggression.
Humour: Light, dry, and often sarcastic.
Goals: An independent creator of something special.
Morals: Everyone’s morals are their own, and the interplay is what makes life interesting. Of course I think mine are almost the best around.

Places I Post

My RPG blog and general technology blog are around too, feel free to read them as well.

WoW InsiderMy Post Profile – bit odd at times, but they do good work.


typhoon.andrew#gmail.com (you’ll need to replace the # with @)



1 thought on “About Me

  1. Hey TyphoonAndrew,
    I didn’t see a link to you email so I decided to post a comment.

    I was reading through articles on your blog and you write a lot of great information. The WoWphiles blog that we have started is a community based blog trying to bring together people who are WoW players and are either currently writing blogs or have things to write about but don’t currently have a blog. I’d like to invite you to either create an account and write articles or submit your articles to the WoWphiles community blog, or if you’d like, give us permission to syndicate your feed and we will publish your articles on our site with a link back to your site.

    We are a fairly new site that has recently launched and already have signed up people who are submitting articles and have syndicated the feed from wowdeeps.com.
    I’d love to include you so please let me know if we can get you involved in the new community at WoWphiles.com

    Take Care,
    Jason, WoWphiles Community Manager

    Web Site: http://wowphiles.com
    Email: community@wowphiles.com
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/wowphiles
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/WoWphiles-Community-WoW-blog/116101275364

    WoWphile (wo̵u fīl) — One who likes, loves, or is sometimes obsessed with World of Warcraft.

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