Death Knight

Mortigen is my focus in World of Warcraft, and has been since the Death Knights were released. This page is a scribble pad for info I want to keep handy. Find Mortigen on the:

Gear upgrade list for drooling and aspiring to, and due to some hard work and luck I am now getting upgrades from raid level gear or Valor Points, and not 5 mans. With the new patch adding 496 gear from Valor and HoF and ToeS released there is more to do than I can viable get to. A good problem to have, but also bad in a way.

Grinding Priority is:

  • All – kill Nalak weekly for the Tier drops.
  • Upgrades needed for DPS, which are not base 522 already:
    • Helm and Chest – need Tier, rather than LFR Tier gear (502 vs 522).
    • Boots. From Blacksmith ($), or ToT: Twin Consorts.
    • Trinket. ToT: Twin Consorts, Horridon, Primordius, or Birdy. (What a terrible waste of coins each week for this chance).
    • Weapon. From ToT: Council fight or Lei-Shen.
    • (dps weapons don’t exist in my phase of the game for me)
  • Upgrades needed for Tanking
    • Tank – I have 522 on Pants, Gloves, one Ring, one Trinket, and Shoulders.
    • Helm – Crafted by BS, ToT Horridon, Lei Shen,
    • Neck – vendor Valor 522 I guess. Oondasa, or a few boss drops in ToT.
    • Cloak – ToT Durumu, Tortos, Horridon, Vendor.
    • Chest – Jinrokh, Oondasta, Dark Animus
    • Bracers –
    • Belt –
    • Boots –
    • Ring –
    • Trinket – I could buy the Valor 522 I guess.
    • Weapon – the 516 is ok as its been upgraded to 524, but I want a good one.
    • (somehow I’m at ilevel 510 in Tanking spec and still brutally under-geared for some ToT normal mode fights).


Mortigen at 80 in Tanking set. Rawr.

Mortigen as a new level 80

Mortigen as a new level 80

Mortigen - at 70 in Tank gear

Mortigen – at 70 in Tank gear

mort-championNow wearing mostly 226 gear, new shoulders, and the kick arse Argent Tabbard. Toon History

  • Jun 7, 2010 Mortigen joined guild Insidious
  • Jun 6, 2010 Mortigen left guild Exile
  • Jan 26, 2010 Mortigen changed guild Legendary with Exile
  • May 28, 2009 Mortigen joined guild Legendary
  • May 29, 2009 Mortigen left guild Unhinged
  • May 11, 2009 Mortigen joined guild Unhinged
  • May 11, 2009 Mortigen left guild Epilogue
  • Dec 2, 2008 Mortigen joined guild Epilogue

17 thoughts on “Death Knight

  1. Hey Nice… but i Hate ally (no offence) i like horde more Draenei are the only cool Alliance race! xD

  2. i need a good rotation for the 50/0/21 spec can u come up with one pls

  3. I didn’t find a rotation for Blood that was useful for single target dps and also could cope with interruption due to movement or death of the mob. In my humble opinion the Blood dps rotation is so tight that any change will cause a significant drop in performance.

    It also seemed to me to be badly affected by lag, and as an Australian I see 500-850 ms lag as my normal raiding game, so can’t push the Blood performance to its best.

    I re-speced to Unholy for dps and now can do a really comfy 3500-4000 dps in 10 mans. 25 man can break 5000. Again I know this is short of what the theoretical top is, but remember that I’m always 0.5 a sec behind the curve due to lag.

  4. But to answer your question directly, apply the diseases, use the strike, then pop Unholy Blight every time it is not active for the RunePower dump. If you find yourself with close to max RP and UB is still active, use a DeathCoil. Refresh the diseases as soon as they are off, not before.

    I don’t follow a strict rotation, as I find you need to apply some priority rules to what action to take rather than a fixed 1,2,3,4,3,3,5 rotation.

  5. I’m at level 60 now, and I’m about evenly specced in frost/unholy (prolly a bad idea), but I find that I’m most comfy doing it basically your way — diseases then strike.

    I really like to have those flies buzzing around me too!

    Any suggestions on how to cheaply raise my intellect by about 20 or 30? My battlefield gear is especially lacking in that area.

  6. hey Chartroose – I think using Int anywhere on your gear is a bad idea. You don’t need it at all (unless there is a pvp reason that is beyond me?). DKs get more spell damage from our Attack Power stat, and Int has no affect on RP generation.

    Suppose if you want it, then look for an Enchant, or a +Stats to Chest to raise everything. I usually scan the AH when leveling looking for bargain enchants for each gear item.

    If I can’t get a Enchant I don’t worry; but the initial DK gear at 58-60 is darn good and you’ll keep most of it well into 63-65.

  7. Thanks, dude! I’m so used to playing my main warlock who is oozing intelligence — and it has really helped him — that I figured it would help my DK too.

    I am going to respec, since I hear that blood/unholy is a better leveling combo.

  8. Hello Typhoon, I love the blog about DK’s, which are difficult to find from work!
    I am struggling at lvl 75 Blood DK at the moment with finding decent gear drops. Do you have any advice on which areas of Northrend I need to concentrate on for quick levelling or better gear? My DPS is about 2.5k with my current gear mostly attack power, stamina and strength. Is this right for my current level or should the dps be higher?

  9. Hi Shaggyd, if you’re doing 2.5k at level 75 then you’re doing nothing wrong at all. I’ve seen folks at 80 do far less.

    I’d suggest dropping Stamina from your leveling needs, as a blood DK can regen health really quickly, and strength is what to aim for.

    Leveling its even ok to not worry too much about hit and expertise either, just take what you can from instances. Do the normal random every day and you’ll see some nice gear and build toward a nice set when you hit 80.

    Also check out Kaliban’s Loot List, as it have the best dps and tank gear by zone and instance already figured out. A fantastic resource.

    Oh and the Champion of Anguish quest is fantastic for a 2H weapon.

  10. If you happen to have one banked then yes, its ok. It is not brilliant however and is probably a better weapon for a class that gets more benefit from Agility.

    A true DK weapon will have Strength rather than Agility. I would also suggest that unless you can get another good one hander and are using the dual wield spec, then a 2 handed weapon is better. Certainly better for Blood.

    I started with a crafted Titansteel Destroyer, which was a good start.

    Also try these on the AH as the early BoE weapons that you might get; and also remember that some great items are available for only 25 Champions seals.

  11. Many thanks for the reply, nice to know that what I am doing is ok. My next DK question is an ethical one (ooh!) – I currently wait 30 mins to dps in dungeon finder, if I switch to tank as a Blood DK would this be “acceptable” or would I most likely be booted off the party? – This is knowing that tanks get to join parties much quicker than dps…

  12. If you have the gear to be defense capped, or gear that is appropriate to your level while leveling – then it is ok to join as tank.

    However if you join as Tank with no gear capable, and no intention to do so then you’re only pissing everyone off and doing the wrong thing. And yes, you’ll probably get booted.

    Better to gear up using off-spec rolls while doing dps than join as a tank.

  13. Hello Typhoon, I love the blog about DK’s, which are difficult to find from work!
    I am struggling at lvl 75 Blood DK at the moment with finding decent gear drops. Do you have any advice on which areas of Northrend I need to concentrate on for quick leveling or better gear? My DPS is about 2.5k with my current gear mostly attack power, stamina and strength. Is this right for my current level or should the dps be higher?


  14. As long as you are not dying the general level of dps you doing is secondary. I found that it was better in the Northrend areas to stay in areas where the quest hubs were consolidated. I liked BT, SB and loved Icecrown.
    If you’re stacking Strength on your gear then that is the right idea, and don’t worry about missing a good drop here or there, as the Cata drops are so much better. You’ll be able to buy cata drops at 78 that are better than mid-Wrath raid gear from the AH cheaply.

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