Guide to Temple of the Jade Serpent

(This is a work in progress, gathered because most online guides are too verbose. Expect mistakes.)

This guide is cheat-sheet for how to get through Temple of the Jade Serpent. As a start it is the most obvious things to remember. Over time and review it may include guides for the Challenge Modes and Heroic runs.

loading screen for temple of the jade serpentOverview

TJS is a 5 man instance open to characters of level 85, which was added to the game with the Mists of Pandaria expansion. It has four boss encounters, with the second boss fight is a random choice of two events; so there are essentially five fights to learn to understand the instance.

Each of the fights is not overly complex, but they all do have mechanics which cannot be ignored. As is typical of encounters since Wrath – a stupid or ill-informed player will be dead quickly.


There is no trash which requires special warning or strategy. Kill them all.

Boss Encounters

The first two bosses can be done in either order by going left or right from the entrance, then the last two in sequence. It does not matter in which order the first two are killed.

Boss #1 – Wise Mari

A two phase fight with phase change triggered by killing spawned adds.

  • Never stand in the water in the room. It hurts, so avoid it or jump over it.

Phase One – kill the spawns, they explode.

  • Boss is immune to damage, but summons elementals. Kill the elementals.
  • When the elementals die they spawn small adds which need to be AoE dps killed. They also create a defile on the ground which needs to be avoided.
  • Phase one ends when 4 elementals have been killed. This removes the boss’s protective bubble, which explodes 5 yards around the boss. Stay away.

Phase Two – avoid the beam, kill the boss.

  • Boss rotates clockwise around the room using a water spout, which inflicts damage. Keep moving away from it (i.e. that phase on Mimron).
  • Kill the boss.

Boss #2 – The Library Event

One of two separate encounters, never both. The first requires team to use dps to apply a maximum of 10 stacks of a buff, then switch or pause in killing the boss. The second requires killing of five sun orbs, then kill the NPC who will be possessed by the evil spirits.

Encounter A – Strife and Anger

  • Dps one of the two mini-bosses until your dps applies 10 stacks of “Intensity” on the boss. Never more than 10 stacks, as at 10 it becomes immune to damage for 15 seconds.
  • Then either pause until the stacks drop off, or switch to the other mini-boss.
  • Use burst dps to get up to 10 stacks as quickly as possible, so that healing is needed over less time.
  • The reason to pause is that each stack causes the boss to AoE hurt the team more, so having multiple stacks on each mini-boss makes healing difficult.
  • DoT spells do not trigger stacks.
  • Per attacks do add stacks.

Encounter B – Champion of the Five Suns

  • Five suns will shoot beams at random players for 10k each hit. Heal it.
  • Kill each Sun asap.
  • As each dies they spawn a Sha (ghost), and when all are spawned the Sha will possess the NPC.
  • Kill the NPC.
  • All phases of the fight have a large amount of AoE damage which needs to be healed. Use self heals and resists to assist healers.

Boss #3 – Liu Flameheart

A stationary boss fight with phases based upon how damaged the boss it. The boss’s powers get nastier as it dies. The boss has three powers throughout the fight, a direct strike, a short range sweep that affects all melee, and firewalls.

  • General advice is to stay away from fire, watch for indicators of dragon’s breath, and kill everything. Stay mobile.
  • Clear the trash in the center room and the boss will automatically spawn.


  • The Dragon Strike hurts the Tank, but heal through it.
  • The Dragon Kick hurts all within 8 yards, heal it and mitigate it.
  • The Dragon Wave creates 4 waves in an X pattern, avoid them.

70% Health

  • The Dragon Strike hurts the Tank, and applies a DoT too. Heal it.
  • The Dragon Kick hurts all within 8 yards, and has a knockback.
  • The Dragon Wave creates 4 waves in a different X pattern, avoid them too.

30% Health

  • Boss becomes invulnerable, but summons a Jade Dragon. Kill it.
  • The Dragon breathes fire at a random player, which is announced by a green swirl at the feet or the target. Move away from the swirl.
  • Avoid all the fire.

Boss #4 – Sha of Doubt

A single boss with two major powers:

  • Boss will target 2 random players at a time with moderate damage, heal/resist it.
  • It will also applies a debuff called “Touch of Nothingness” to one player which must be removed. If the debuff is not removed it strikes for 25k. Youch.
  • Periodically the boss will summon shades of the players which need to be killed ASAP. If they are not killed they explode, which hurts everyone and heals the boss for 10% health each.
  • A good strategy is to round up all the shades and AoE them if the group’s AoE damage is high enough and fast enough.
  • As there is a lot of Shadow damage in this fight anti-shadow and anti-magic abilities will be handy.

Instance Map

map of the temple of the jade serpent


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