Late-ish into the HearthStone beta

Yehaw! Some emails are just plain exciting to get. As I download, play, and get all mushy (hopefully) about HearthStone, I’ll post follow-up. I’ll also have to read the T&Cs to see what I’m allowed to say, in case any caveats are still in place (ahem).

As a person who generally has no time for physical collect-a-card based games (like Magic TG) I am looking forward to how this game makes me feel. I’d go as far as to say I’m a collectable card game hater. I am a keen gamer though and I can see this game as real avenue where casual based play would entice players to spend real money on cards.

That is the spin for HearthStone from what I understand now, the cash you spend will get you bonuses far faster, far better decks, which in turn (I assume) gives far more leverage to the win-loss ration which I read is a key metric for rewards. A game with a pay-to-win from the outset isn’t something that I’d first accept as a casual player, bu then perhaps it make a huge difference because it is isolated and set from the get-go.

So this should be interesting. I’ll certainly have to get my ipad back, as that type of interface is very likely where I’ll do all my testing.


Happy Nerd: WoW MoP Beta Invitation Arrived

Ok, I’m a happy nerd now. I’ve got the email from Blizzard saying I’m invited, and that makes me feel special. Special like 250,000 others, but still special. I’m now happily going to fuss about in the beta, and have promised myself that I will actually test and read the material so I add some sort of value.

MoP Beta Invite Email graphic Continue reading

Highlights of patch 2.4.3

Patch 2.4.3 notes have been posted, and I like them. There seems to be a huge focus on lower level content and peripheral things like non-combat pets and fashion. Also some bug-fixes that I had no idea were around.

My highlights are:

  • New junk to buy from Haris Pilton, but most importantly a 22 slot bag for 1200g. Sheesh that’s expensive, but certainly accessible (just like the personality). Its also BoE so you can send it to somebody as a gift – how very Paris.
  • Mounts at level 30, is a great change. Its a significant sign that you are making progress, and will help accelerate the leveling process. Also added are some new mount types and skins, but thats guff-guff compared to all the new level 30-32 characters who were previously abandoned.
  • Warlocks – Curse of Everything! The CoE and CoS have been combined into CoE, so that Warlocks now have one Curse for added damage rather than two. Huzah. Nothing that I was looking for, but a great benefit for raids that have more than one Warlock. Now one Lock can keep everyone happy, and the other can use a different Curse for fun and pleasure.
  • Mining – green gems are back. Nice.
  • Tailoring – More recipes (about frigging time), and removal of the Mooncloth cool down. 28 slot Herbalism pouches are exciting, but I suspect we may need Sporegar Rep to get it. Hope not, or those Naga are going suffer in their thousands.
  • Summoning from a Heroic to a Raid will work – Good. I thought I had already done this, but cant really recall.
  • Shattered Sun Pendant of Acumen – now works with DoTs – Nice, now I want one.

(MMO-Champion has the list I used)