Wrath Raid Gear Requirements by Class

Update Dec 09: With the release of WoW Patch 3.3 and the iLevel gear starting at 219 and 232 for H dungeons, I think the typical level of expected gear has increased. The old Naxx guides are gone. Basically now you’re aiming for 219 in all slots as a start, and any casual with time should be able to get to 232 in almost every location.

That is a huge change from the iLevel 200 items that you got 1 per end boss at the start of Wrath at level 80. Tis a good thing too.

Raiding requirements are popular searches, I know as the raid requirement posts are still some of the most popular in this blog. And to my somewhat shame most of the information I post is a hash of other sources (Alt Doctor, EJ, wiki, etc).

And the Alt Doctor has done it again, posting his Raiding Requirements for Wrath.

If you’re wondering if you are read to run with the big monsters, this set of stats will tell you. Later I’ll review, but for now just read and make sure you know what you need.

If you’re short on some of the stats then check out Wow-loot, WoW Heroes, and BeImba for advice. All are good sources of item/gear advice.

Wrath Release Date Confirmed

Woot! 13th November 08 is the date (maybe).

*books annual leave*

*buys new track suit pants, 55 hot pockets, a small fridge, and two buckets*

WoW Head has a huge splash page saying that its a hard date; and thats great but also odd. The page they link to has no announcement, and you’d think that this would be linked to an email campaign or an official announcement. Maybe it got leaked, or maybe the guys at WoW Head are creating site hype.

I don’t know, but also I’m so stoked that the wrath of the lich king is now a close reality that I’m not bothered either. So much so that I’m seriously contemplating a long weekend about a week after release (week 1 of these things are always a mess, but the 2nd will be gold).

Read it here at WoW Insider, and they even have a raffle for a beta key. Thanks to 70 Tauren Warrior, who blogged this first.

*runs in small circles, mouth agape*

*drool, jump, jump, spin*

Wrath hype has me hyped

All the new news about Wrath of the Lich King has worked; I’m hyped. I feel like I’m a teenager again looking forward to the new Bard’s Tale game, or hearing that Terminator 2 will be released soon (a bit fanboy, but that’s what its like).

Go a Googling if you want to read all about the Deathknight, so many sites have the content now that I’m expecting to read it on a t-shirt any day now.

The new Northrend zone map looks great. WoW Insider has a post with the opening music (updated link), which has a true Blizzard feel. Not to mention that the start of this feels so close to the Conan-movie-ish music that Blizard has used since day one, that the makers of Conan must have some interesting music to differentiate themselves.

Gameriot also has some patch notes, which smell official and offer some pretty sweet abilities for out classes. If they are fake they are a good job, and either way it makes me smile to think about.

I’ll get back to running in circles, giggling like a school girl. Yay!