It’s quiet, too quiet…


I’ve been hiding from World of Warcraft recently due to work overload. A weekend of business report writing, amongst babysitting, and replacing a broken modem/router was enough to have me tuckered out. Then I had to work Sunday night. Blarrrg.

I have been sneaking in the odd TV fix though – I’ve added the Walking Dead to the mix of shows that I treat as a naughty secret from the rest of the family. When the house goes dark and the child is asleep the zombies come out. The Mrs and I watch Mad Men together and amid Don Drapers last escapade with a brunette with morals as poor as his own I started wondering how cool a cross-over would be.

The Walking Mad Men – a cool chic zombies, huffing cigarettes and booze between solid bites of brains and flesh (and because of rule 34, I found it already created online). Then Peggy and Dom brain storming how to really appeal and distract the undead, or perhaps how to make them eat the competition.

I can see Draper getting serious with a handgun and cleaning up his beloved city, if only due to his strong survivalist instincts, and loner tendencies.


Perhaps more sleep is needed. TyphoonAndrew.

A beautiful day for distractions

The weather has been cold, not unusual for Melbourne in July and certainly not new for me. It is however a little more present in my reality due to the early starts and late finishes that work has required recently. I am jealous to read all the blogs about summer frolicking in the northern hemisphere. You lucky crazy sods – you at least should be busy and outside, but are instead inside with Warcraft.

In wow I’ve been quiet due to a range of factors not really related to the cold at all. The main cause is legitimate distractions of work, house renovations, and broken cars.

Work has been busy as we started a new contract about two months ago, and although I think it will get better in the long term, in the short term that means no raiding – as fatigue makes good raiding really difficult. A 7-11ish raid plus the peripheral discussions till midnight are not viable when you get up just after 5am each day. Hell the contract is only for four years, so I guess I’ll be ready for Firelands raids by then. Grumble.

We’re also renovating our unit, at the moment that means adding a new fireplace and we’re mid way through the prep and painting of the mantlepiece. Again wow suffers, as I want the darn fire finished and it frustrates me to not have it completed. I could perhaps rush it and sacrifice the quality of the finish, but I’ll have to look at that fireplace for years to come and any blemishes that were avoidable will bug me.

To offset the missing games I’ve started reading a bit more. I can read in much smaller time segments that I can play warcraft, and it is as much a satisfying escape from reality as online games are. Two books that I’ve borrowed are the last Harry Potter and the Game of Thrones first novel. As of a few days ago I’ve just put down the last Harry Potter book. I saw the film and felt that the book would not add anything new. That is a little snarky, but thus far the book has been a very fair match to the films, and therefore I’m not going to gain any deeper insight by finishing the book. I might come back in a few years and read it, once the images of the films have been forgotten and it seems a little more fresh.

Game of Thrones also follows the TV series very closely, but the book is adding a lot of depth to my understanding. I’m staggered just of close to the original the TV series was, and also that there can be suck side stories in the novel that tweak my interest. I understand now some of the small embellishments or slight changes in timing between the presentation of the two – as it makes a more TV friendly presentation.

I wonder too how the Warcraft film will follow the lore. To make a viable and profitable film the target audience needs to be far wider than just the current subscriber base – and that means making the material digestible in a single film. This adds a complexity of picking a section of the lore which is a discrete story, and also has enough gravitas with the community to be worth seeing.

They have a hard script to write, and I hope they throw a darn good team at it.

Anyway that is enough of a rumble on my distractions. May your novels always be enticing, your wine glass full, and your hearth warm.

Goals and Preparation – sound advice that should resonate

One of the regular feeds I read is not on Warcraft, it’s about business – and today Peter Bregman on Harvard Business‘s Blog wrote a short great piece on Preparing for the next Downturn. It’s personable, reflective, succinct, and enjoyable.

OK, it is also miles off what I usually blog about, but if you’re connected to a business you might get something out of it. Continue reading

Adelaide Festival is not powered by Bigpond

not powered by bigpondThe company I work for, Fusion managed a huge range of the development, media, and communications for the Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts. It was the first year that one company has managed so much of the Festival, and this year has been already pretty successful and we expect the actual event to be as excellent as ever. Part of this project was the website design and development, which is a very significant tool for communicating to the Festival attendees, and the web project was highly challenging to finish in time for launch, and very satisfying to complete.

The Festival had always planned on using Bigpond as their webhost for all the reasons that many organisations host with them – they’re a great provider and can provide huge bandwith. However during the development phase it became obvious that the setup and details of the hosting were not going to be ready in time for the launch, so Fusion temporarily hosted the website while the Bigpond details were sussed out. No big deal, premium web hosting is one of the things that Fusion offers to clients, and it made sense for us to host and then switch over when Bigpond was ready. Up to this point I was happy.

Recently however Bigpond has asked the Festival to add banners on the homepage indicating that the website is “Powered by Bigpond”. This irks me, for a range of reasons; but most of all because its untrue!

The website is “powered” by Fusion’s CMS called Helium, and was successfully running through the launch period, till recently (2 months in total). It happens now to be finally hosted by Bigpond, but the underlying technology is still Helium, and its still Fusion’s CMS, and all our work.

The banner on the homepage has the affect of giving credit to Bigpond for the website; and implies that they created and now manage the site. Clearly wrong.

While I understand that there is an agreement in place for advertising, the fact that Bigpond seem to be taking credit for another companies work is suspect. Bigpond are a major sponsor, but so to is Fusion – if anything the banner should read: “Hosted by Bigpond, Powered by Helium”.

Please note: these are my views and not necessarily that of Fusion; and my humble opinion only.