Free Windows Authenticator OS

Warning: This app is not sanctioned by Blizzard, or tested in any manner – use at own risk! Blizzard have stated a stance of accepting that it works, but they prefer customers use the real sanctioned tools.

As the app runs on a pc, that app can be compromised as much as any other.

Wandering through the D3 and Blizzard discussions on security, I found a free Windows app which emulates the authenticators. Basically it is the same app as used on the mobile devices, except it is Windows software. And it is open source, currently v1.7.1314 and appears to be updated regularly.

screnshot of windows authenticator softwareRefs:

Wow, a pretty impressive give away of a useful function!

WinAuth uses the same algorithm as the Mobile Authenticator for Android and iPhone, and so generates the same codes when using the same serial number and secret key. One of the initial reasons to write it was to remove the dependency on having the phone available, but still use the same codes.

Whilst you cannot directly read the Mobile Authenticator’s private keys from an iPhone or non-rooted Android, you can now use the new Restore feature to copy your authenticator over to WinAuth.

Impressive, and now even less excuse not to have an additional line of account security for Blizzard games.

Windows x64 WoW issue is real

If you are a user of 64 bit Windows and have found that after the last patch that World of Warcraft is freezing and crashing – the problem is acknowledged and real.

The “Out-of-Storage” problem relates to memory usage in the view distance, and apparently a number of short term adjustments can be made to make the game more stable; until an actual fix is deployed (read the Blizzard thread via teh link below if you just want to get straight to the fixes). No timeframe for a propper solution as yet from Blizzard.

I had a grumble about the patch a few days ago, and this fits the behaviour that I’ve experienced since the patch. Such a shame that I jumped to Windows x64 for WoW, thinking that the stability of the x64 OS would make Warcraft a little more stable. Doh! has posted a short summary, and a full thread full of concerned (and probably happy now it is real) customers are watching the official thread on the forums.

Quick review of Curse Updater v4 client

The new Curse client is availaible as a beta to try, and it looks really darn good.

Curse Gaming LogoFunctionally not much is different. It still updates your mods far faster than doing them manually – so I’m happy. I’d be ecstatic if this version allowed the user to update more than one at a time, but this is a feature of the paid subscription (grrrr*). Also the Curse Client still slugs your internet connection when updating. Like you’d expect really.

However the visual look and feel is much better, and very different from the old version. It is clearer about how to update or ignore a particular mod, the version numbers are clearly shown (and can be easily hidden), and the advanced options are exposed well through an initial walk through. Some folks who like simple table layouts might be a bit miffed, but really for a free mod that makes life easier to play games, this is a good tool. I can say that the glassy affects and all the special presentation is  not needed for me. Run, update, close is what I need – anything else is nice, but not critical at all.

If you’re using Curse regularly and not using an updater then you’re in for a treat with this.

A minor consideration is how keen the Curse Updater app is to get installed and running by default on your pc. I am not a fan of anything running in background on my pc, and was pleased to see this was easy to avoid. Just read the screen when you load it initially, and deselect the defaults. Easier to disable in fact than in the last version.

Found via rss article feed.

*Aside – the old version for Mac used to give a “premium” account to all users, because I don’t think they had a normal version. I miss everything auto-updating, but not enough to actually pay for it. I still infrequently use some mods that are not published via the Curse network, so while it takes a lot of the work out of updating (like 99% of the work), its not a total solution – although probably not through a fault of the dev writers who have done a great job.