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Here are a few of the blogs I read over the past week or so. All worth a read.


Add Raids to LFG system

The LFG system is awesome, but it still needs more:

  • Add the Weekly quest raid to it.
  • Add all the raids in a separate area (+ thing), so we can pick find groups easily for VoA, OS, Naxx, Uld, ToC, ICC etc. (Edit): Just found that this is already in game, press “O” then click the “Raid Finder”. No idea what the shortcut key is.
  • Do not let anyone teleport when combat has started.
  • Do not let a kick happen once a boss has been engaged, until loot distribution is finished.

This will all but remove the need for folks to type in the LFG channel, and send a clear message about gear level expected for runs. No more “you’re not worthy” or “link achieve” rubbish.