A weekend without WoW

I had the pleasure this past long weekend of going for a trip to the beach. There is a majestic holiday spot along the western coast of Victoria called Lorne, and a mate’s family has a house there. A modest five bedroom place that is hard to resist… So we packed up the 6 month old, a small mountain of her bags, and the odd package of civilized rations (wine, chocolate, bagels, salami, olives, etc), and drove out into the non-Internet.

Being offline in this manner was great and it was insane how much of a decompression you can fit into a few short days.

As those days passed I started to contemplate the impact that 4-5 days away from WoW might have on my lifestyle, and it was pleasing to think that the game will be waiting. Initially I felt the tug of the login screen. I did not want to miss out on my dailies, instances, and scenario runs. I have a drive to participate in LFR each lockout so to get the small drop chance of upgrades from some bosses – especially a weapon drop from Elegon.

Then as time passed I accepted that I could not get online. My gaming machine was a 2.5 hour drive away, and I didn’t really wish to stop relaxing to ramp up into a run. The friends and family were entertaining and except for the poor sleep a person gets when their child does not know the new place much, we had a great time. The break was excellent.

Upon returning late last night I could probably have logged in for some dailies or a quick scenario, but it seemed I would be somehow cheating on the holiday experience (or perhaps shortening it) by getting into a typical night of gaming.

Instead I read my book, and let the anticipation build. A side affect too was the positive reaction from my family in not spending a  night in front of the glow of the screen.

Tonight is a gaming night, and I’m really looking forward to it. I can almost taste the queue timer for LFR as I type, the sting of the wipe, the glory of gold in the loot-bag. 🙂

Got flasks and mats? LFR zerg, just DPS you tard (just kidding).

My thoughts on gear from the recent post proved true too, as the Insidious regular raiders have boomed ahead in gear levels, and are now consistently above 6666 score on WoW Heroes. I think this is fantastic as it means that they’re seeing the successful encounters to lead progression along. More gear means more capacity to win through the earlier bosses in good time, and also should allow the later/harder bosses to be attempted more successfully each lockout. It might not occur in one or two cycles, but it should happen.

With the new Heart of Fear open for investigation there may also be a new source for some early boss kills. At the very least that means Valor and chance of loot.

Great times ahead.

Champions Online Trial Weekend

Champions Online had a free to play weekend a few weeks ago, and I’ joined the heroic fun to see what it is like.

Right out of the box download this game is made for comic fans.

The character creation (much raved about by folks online) lives up to its reputation, and the selection of powers is staggering. No 6-9 classes here, you want it, you can create it. I honestly had no idea on a character concept before I started, which made the choices even harder. If anything the 15 or so default power sets make the choice so varied, you’re not stuck for choice, as you have huge freedoms.

The “random hero costume” option has yet to show anything which was not totally strange (and I mean friggin bizzare). Shark head with cybernetic legs and zombie feet? OK. I’ll called him Robo-Zombie-Jaws, or RoZoJaw. Uh. That said it was also hard to not think of toons that are straight from comics themselves. I made a sniper, a robotic tank, and an ice-blaster.

Awesome news for tweakers and power gamers – this is a must try game. I guess a goal I had was to know what the “end-game” content and experiences are like, but trialing from level one will never do that.

So after a very short weekend I think had wow not already have my regular income, and the patch not hit recently; I’d be playing Champions. But keeping closer to the curve in wow is more appealing to me that starting again in Champions.