Respec to Destro

cyric thumbStrange days indeed, as I respec to Destuction on my Warlock. For well over a month I’ve been looking at the range and type of damage I was doing in raids and runs on my Warlock [Armory profile for Arkham on Nagrand].

The consistent theme was Shadowbolts being the most useful and best way to keep up on DPS in runs, especially when doing trash. On bosses the DoTs were handy, but by no means exclusive to the Afflict build anyway.

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Life Tap change

warlockWarlocks are soon to see a change to how Life Tap works, and if you’re a Warlock or hate them – you’ll already have an opinion on this issue. There has been a huge response across the community as you’d expect. I hate the posters who are saying that its time to nurf Warlocks more, and consider trolling like that to be childish.

Initially I thought this was a horrid change, then I thought this was only going to be based upon Base stats so that was OK; and now as I read further it seems its on modified health and mana – and thats very bad. We will see.

On the lighter side a great blog post and pic are on Warlock Therapy. Eat babies!

I really hope that the change has no significant affect on PvE when it is finally rolled out to the live systems. I Life Tap alot!

Blunt Update

Captain America Avatar3 days is too long to have a headache. Tired, grumpy, and altogether in a very nasty mood – so this will be short (reaching for pills as I type).

  • Grabbed a Crystalforged Sword for my Paladin, then added the Unholy enchant. Unholy is a crappy enchant but its all I had at short notice. Once I’ve got an idea of a better one, it’ll be straight on. Thanks to the Guildies for the advice, it was an immediate upgrade.
  • Warlock is now Exalted with Kara (the V. Eye) which means a slight ring upgrade, and access to an enchant that I cant cast yet.
  • Leveling my Druid on Horde, which is fun, but taking longer every level. Its not long until it will take some serious time to get each bar, and thats when the fun slows down too. Goal for now is to get to level 30 for the Travel form.
  • Finally got a 6 of Furies, which will complete my Furies Deck – bring on Vengence! Now just need to wait till the next Darkmoon Faire, which is probably a few weeks away. This might also have me at 10,000 health unbuffed, which means I’ll be less killable.
  • I need to farm and do daily quests, which means the same thing to me. Gold equals improvement at this stage, so its time to be a gold farmer.

Need to remember to say sorry to my girlfriend too, odds are I’ve said something over the past few days which was mean.

Toon Update

Heya all – time for another toon update…

Paladin “needs more rage”

After a good few afternoons of questing and grinding, I’ve dinged level 66 on my Paladin and now thinking of a Protection respect. I’ve played a Holy pally through the some of the 60 end-game (MC, ZG), and a Warlock into 70 (early Kara); so Healing and DPS are things that I understand pretty well. Thus I’m pretty nervous about Prot, as tanking is the skill that skill that I’ve tried to avoid till now.

As example of why– I’ve never tanked more than SM on my lowbie 38 Warrior, and I made a dog’s breakfast out of it (bad pug, and my lack of understanding made it worse).

However the Tankadin looks like a winning tank IMHO. If what I read is correct they can multi-mob tank very well, and their TPS (threat per second) is based upon holy damage which only gets better with +damage gear. Being bad at multi-mob tanking is the thing that kept we away from Tanking in the first place, and if being a Tankadin makes this easier to do, then I’ll try it. That nifty ability to grab aggro for 3 seconds from anyone will come in way handy, especially once I grab a macro that makes targeting it simple.

Being a tank will also make getting groups easier, as almost every LFG tell I see is looking for a healer or tank. I’ve got no intention of trying to split between Prot and Holy, and on first look the Prot + Ret looks the way to go, and I’ll leave the healing to somebody else. I figure I can always bubble + heal / bandage when solo, and in instances it shouldn’t be my problem.

Tankadin – good for tanking, but what about levelling?
Although this all looks fantastic, a fear I have is that the capacity for levelling after a respect will go out the window. I’ve been told that killing one mob, or killing 3 is about the same for a Prot paladin. So the question comes – when is best to make the switch?

Another part of my brain is saying “stay Retribution man, you’ll get to 70 faster”. Gear will be replaced, and keep levelling as Ret, but pick the Tanking quest rewards, so that I have good gear when finally switching over.

One of the guides that I’m reading has a good discussion going; especially for the pre-60 path.

And a tank build linked from there, which looks sensible for a full time tank, but I’m not sure about it for levelling.

The reason I say this is that Seal of Command is excellent for quickly dropping casters, especially when you have a good two hander. And I know you shouldn’t have a 2h weapon while Prot, but there are times that maybe SoC might be handy. Warlocks especially frustrate me, Shamans a bit less, then Druids, and then other Paladins. When I’m grinding I want some plain mobs, that hit like trucks and have no special abilities which I’ve got to try and stun/stop.

I’m thinking that the 5pts in Holy which gain 10% extra Int might not be worth it. I can add 3 more points in Ret and get SoC, a bonus to Parry, and still get a 2 pts in Holy for a minor Int bump. I was thinking of this build as an alternative. This spec is 2/46/13 which means that I can skip the 2 in Holy and 2 in Ret, while at 66 – and add them in as I level.

Finally I suppose that if I really suck at tanking I can always re-spec back to Ret (gold cost aside); and then be a Ret-nub in the LFG channel till the WotLK is released.

A great fun Run – Blood Furnace
DPS from the Blood Furnace A side note for the weekend was my run in Blood Furnace. The pug was great, we didn’t wipe, and handled the mobs well. A good reason for this was the 70 Priest who was healing us, and the tank who didn’t mind when I stole aggro. Being a 65 and the instance is for the 62-63s helped too, but we honnestly did communicate well, and were patient with each other. A few times we took our foot of the pedal to take a break, and still the tempo was maintained. I also dinged 66 during the run, and the Warlock dinged 61.

Warlock is now friendly with Ogrilla-la-la-la
This weekend the guildies also finally got my Warlock friendly with Ogrilla, which means I have access to a stack more daily quests. This is great for the gold generation, especially as the Bombing run is far easier when you have an epic flyer. A guild-mate on a standard flyer was having a bit of trouble getting dismounted, while I was able to duck-and-weave through most of the cannon fire. I’m sure once he gets some practice, he’ll be showing me up, and then when he gets an epic, all be handed my arse (he’s a pally so goes pretty fast once he has a good flyer).

Trying out a PvP 2v2 Team

With much trepidation I joined a WoW 2v2 Arena team created by a few guildies. Our goal (much like many of the new teams) is to get just enough points to get some of the great gear.

This was my first time in there, and we got spanked every time. Perhaps the team combo of a Priest and Warlock is not ideal, and I have a feeling that you need a CC such as a Rogue to really have a good game. Warriors and Hunters also have fear prevention now too, so its getting to be that all I do is DoT and die.

Oh well, somebody on the Horde side will be enjoying a quick gank, and we’ll get some points along the way.

Team name: Bad BuZZ – and I have no idea what it means, only that its not a drug thing.

You have to love Kara

Last night was one of the best runs I’ve had for loot, but also a very educational run for other (better) reasons.

The lessons I took away from the run are not new to me, but they were really highlighted.

DPS is not as important as some other affects.
I used Curse of Tongues on most of the caster trash/adds, and I think it made a real difference to how easy tha trash was to drop. I knew that banish was a huge advantage, but also started to direct fire harder on trash, especially when it gets close to death. If I pull aggro and it was a small HP% left, then I’ll just take a few hits and Shadowburn the bastard.

Boss Timers are critical.
Curator has this great period where he takes extra damage, and timers can help load up the damage, especially for warlocks with Curse of Doom.

I’ll have to find a boss-mod that I can switch on as needed for that Boss.

Keep a Soulstone created at all times
Keeping a soulstone created to pop on a rezzer saved us, and the one time I almost didn’t worry we wiped. A good positive lesson.

Lastly I was lucky to get the Bands of Nefarious Deeds from Maiden, and then when nobody else in the raid wanted Robe of Elder Scribes from Nightband; well it was Christmas.

Thank you to all the Endeavour guys and gals.

How good are too many Warriors? (distraction)

World of Warcraft has once again pulled me in, and got me thinking about all sorts of strange and new ways to sit still indoors in a chair for hours.

Last night while consuming the last half of a bottle of sharaz, I grouped with an odds party mix: 3x Warriors, a Paladin, and a Warlock (me).

On single mobs:
It got frustrating as I could not dish out damage fast enough to keep up. By the time my 3 second Shadowbolt went off, the mobs were either dead, or so close it was a waste of manna. So the warlock was a little wasted. A bit of comic releif was all I could offer as these guys help me finish up quests.

On groups:
Awesome fun! With so many hitters running around I could pretty pick any mob, and it would have a few Sunders on it. This meant much spam Shadowbolts, and the odd Seed or Corruption. The Tab key on my keyboard finally got a good workout.

My fav combat was the one where I got a few Seeds cast, and they all went off together, and the warriors were already up to their knees in mob blood so it was over quickly.

These other guys were well geared and really know their classes, they also often have a few alts, who are also well played.

Too many warriors is never enough. And I need better gear; which is funny because I seem to attract everything except cloth drops.