Level 80 pre-selection

The competition for which toon to take to 80 is still very tight. Up until a week ago the Paladin was the strongest contender, and the shadow Priest was the weakest, with Warlock a close 2nd. But now that has all changed…

To make this clearer I’ll use some rankings, where 1 is the current lead, and the others are ranked away from that with no particular scale.

1 – Paladin
2 – Warlock
4 – Druid
6 – Priest

This was because Paladin tanking is a face-roll of awesome, and the Warlocks were still cool with powerful dps. The Priest had equal or worse death recovery than the Warlock and crap damage. Then the Druid was a great all rounder, but still a dark horse due to being essentially unknown, but very versatile.

However as I’ve played the past week or so the tables have turned.

1 – Druid Paladin
3 – Priest
4 – Warlock

All in all the pack is closer grouped than ever, and here is why:

Warlock dps is poor, in whatever build you pick (if you say I’m QQing without doing some serious reading, I’ll slap you). I tried Demo with the Felguard, and it was meh. I looked at Destro and was not impressed, and Affliction was my first love, and I can se pure death there, but its death that takes a long time to arrive. DoTs for grinding and farming are frustrating to me. I want it tagged and then I want it dead. I also didn’t enjoy the micromanagement of a pet, which is an artefact of being destruction for so long. Its made me realise that without huge dps Warlocks bring nothing to the table for a raid group except cookies and summons. Bye bye warlock till they fix them, but Arkham is not out of the running, just going slow.

Priest dps has been improved, or so the simulation mods tell me. Should I trust it, I’m not sure? This puts my Shadow Priest up the rankings, to be ahead of Warlocks. Why? They can heal. With dual specs the Priest can perform two role well, not just wander around doing one. That is worth real ranking right there.

The same dual spec change makes the Druid and Paladin also huge propositions. Which is essentially why they are equal. The race for first place is now about (a) how they will level and generally play, and (b) what will be wanted and loved in raids at 80. Both the Paladin and Druid can bring awesome buffs, roles (tank, heal, dps) and fun to a raid. From what I have seen Paladin tanking is still aoe-god-mode, Druid healing is more diverse, and I am not sure about which does better dps. I suspect that is Ret paladins, but nobody knows what that will mean at 80 at the moment.

Its still a tough race to call, and we have a game that is constantly changing as the player base test and find new things. For all we know Warlock tanking might be the end game holy grail, just don’t bet the house on it.


Who do you meet as a new player?

A person I know is trying wow for the first time, and another very very casual has started to log in again. As a confirmed WoW nut I had to moderate my behaviour. Normally I’m foaming at the mouth, singing praises and virtues, looking for subtle gains and measures.

And while that is OK when you’re mid-froth with another wow nutcase, its a poor way to introduce a new player.

Jez from DPS We Deliver is also helping, so the corruption of a new player is not my sole pleasure. New players will see overt enthusiasm as terrible ranting. Information overload and information starvation is something new players have to fight; and raving does not help (I tried, ooops). They are overloaded by a new interface, skills, feel, and flavour. It takes time to sup all that up and get into it.

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Musings on SPriests

In selecting the winning toon to level to 80, I’m doing some runs with each to see what they are like.

This will tell me which is more viable and fun for my playstyle. Here are my musings on Shadow Priests using the current (soon to be re-worked) talents and specs.

Caveat – I know its all about to change, this will be useful to act as a comparison after the “v3.whatever” patch is made live. Go read Dwarf Priest for a great summary.

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Character Dilemma

I have a new, exciting, and vey frustrating dilemma: Which character to level first to 80 in Wrath.

Damn its hard, 4 toons, 1 well geared, 1 reasonable, and 2 new 70s. The expansion offers the opportunity to level without there being a gear unbalance, and change my selection of “main”.

Currently I’d say Warlock is my main, if only because he has the best gear of the four. But then I’ve been spending serious hours on my Paladin as Tank and its really starting to show. But then I got distracted by Druid and Priest, and found that things in those new classes were advantageous and interesting. The dilemma is made worse because the two new classes might be interesting only because they are new. Continue reading

Review a WoW Character

Many times I’m trying to dig for information about a toon, and either the WoW Armory is slow, or I need different information. Some of the services are L70 only and others are infrequently down. Its odd.

Q. So how do you find good data and comparison information on characters?

A. You click and bookmark these babies. Here is a list of sites that I use to check builds, reps, etc. Continue reading

RAF Follow-up

A quick post about Recruit a Friend. In a previous post I was positive about the offer, and had a pretty hard attitude.

Then I’ve been reading some great comments from all perspectives, and I’m less certain that its a great and wonderful thing. I still think its good but I have some reservations. Dazed and Confused has a really valuable summary, and links to some blogs with follow-up.

Because I posted such a huge rant on Dazed’s blog I’m going to re-use and expand it here… Continue reading

Toon’s Themesong

As I have a few toons, this Blog Azeroth shared topic got me thinking about the tunes I listen to while playing, and how they might relate to my toons. I can’t quite pick just one song to define each toon, as thats like picking a favourite film – which is impossible for me.

My regular characters are:

Arkham the Warlock – Firestarter by the Prodigy is a stable basic and anything fast and furious is playing when Arkham goes farming. I might not use fire, but having 1100+ shadow damage means things die quickly. Sometimes old school grunge is cool too with Nirvana leading the list.

Diamon the Tankadin – Ramstien gets a lot of play, its got lots of base and also pretty quick. Classical also gets a good spin, with Motzart being a really popular choice, but thats only during instances that are easy. The soundtrack from the film Judgement Night also gets a play; and often I can’t go past Audioslave for solo grinds.

Quendalon the Cat – Song 2 by Blur defines Q as a cat. The bouncy nature, speed, stealth, and raw damage output is just brutal. And because she has to get right up close you can almost see the whites of their eyes when they die. Groove Armada, Jamiroquai (which would be a great Cat Druid name), Regurgitator, and Portishead are good too.

Then we have the also-rans:

Malitia the Rogue, Yiera the Shadow priest, Casserole the Druid, Rill the Warrior who all suffer under the tyranny of my mix list: the Pixies to Sonic Youth, Breeders to PJ Harvey, St Germain to Thievery Corporation.

I see a theme – can’t choose music and can’t choose a single character…