New look and theme, comments…

While WordPress is the best app I’ve experienced for blogging, I’ve had a reoccuring problem for a long time where people cannot post comments. Kind of frustrating as I love to know that things are useful, and the bloggosphere is driven by interaction and feedback between soapbox ranters. The theme is also a very clean and straight forward blog, with some advanced stuff that I’ll play with during the slow days.

So I’ve selected a new theme (thanks to the Automatic guys), reset all the comment options in the WP admin area, and will hopefully see less issues for the readers. If you happen to be one of the frustrated readers who would like to comment, but it previously didn’t work – please give it a try and let me know.

Toon’s Themesong

As I have a few toons, this Blog Azeroth shared topic got me thinking about the tunes I listen to while playing, and how they might relate to my toons. I can’t quite pick just one song to define each toon, as thats like picking a favourite film – which is impossible for me.

My regular characters are:

Arkham the Warlock – Firestarter by the Prodigy is a stable basic and anything fast and furious is playing when Arkham goes farming. I might not use fire, but having 1100+ shadow damage means things die quickly. Sometimes old school grunge is cool too with Nirvana leading the list.

Diamon the Tankadin – Ramstien gets a lot of play, its got lots of base and also pretty quick. Classical also gets a good spin, with Motzart being a really popular choice, but thats only during instances that are easy. The soundtrack from the film Judgement Night also gets a play; and often I can’t go past Audioslave for solo grinds.

Quendalon the Cat – Song 2 by Blur defines Q as a cat. The bouncy nature, speed, stealth, and raw damage output is just brutal. And because she has to get right up close you can almost see the whites of their eyes when they die. Groove Armada, Jamiroquai (which would be a great Cat Druid name), Regurgitator, and Portishead are good too.

Then we have the also-rans:

Malitia the Rogue, Yiera the Shadow priest, Casserole the Druid, Rill the Warrior who all suffer under the tyranny of my mix list: the Pixies to Sonic Youth, Breeders to PJ Harvey, St Germain to Thievery Corporation.

I see a theme – can’t choose music and can’t choose a single character…

iPhone theme for World of Warcraft

In an attempt to raise my nerd factor a little higher, I’ve taken an iPhone theme for World of Warcraft, and updated it as a SummerBoard theme that will run with v1.1.1 of the iPhone software.

The URL is:

Hope you can enjoy.

To use you’ll need to copy these files onto your iPhone and place them into the Themes directory below the SummerBoard directory.