Mortigen gets a Dress


Ah the wonderful Tier 14 Breastplate for DPS and Tanking are finally mine. I have the choice now of transmog, or look like a frigg’n idiot. I chose to transmog it back to the Breastplate of the King’s Guard. Here is a snap before “the change”.


Death Knight Tier 14, dress wearer’s set

Why is the DK t14 set wearing a robe/dress? (source)

It’s creepy, has skulls, and will be immediately recognisable. It does not suit the rest of the Death Knight style gear. Heck the Hunter gear looks more like DK gear than this. Perhaps there was too many Warlock sets crafted and they thought the feminine side of DKs needed a spin. I hate that dress.

Still in other T14 news the Monks are wearing lamp shades, the Priests have funny hats, and the Warlock looks awesome.