Slabhide Mount Grinding

As a very casual World of Warcraft player something that I can do in the wee small hours is grind for the strange and rare items. One of those is the very rare mount from the dragon Slabhide in Stonecore – called the Reins of the Vitreous Stone Drake. It is another 1% ish drop, but this is farmable by a small team on Normal mode, or can be solo’ed by Death Knights (as well as some other classes I’m sure).



Mistakenly used the wrong internet dragon pic originally

So far I’ve tried this once, and it’s now one of the silly things I’ll be grinding when I need something to do and the Darkmoon Fair is not in town. I’ll probably never see it, but its good to have goals.

kudos to those who solo

Quick post to spread the word – mmo champion has videos of a DK who successfully completed Yogg+1 solo, straight after doing a solo kill Mimron on hard mode: Firefighter! Also in the post is a Malygos solo by a Warlock. So we have a Death Knight doing what they are darn good at, by demonstrating that Firefighter is nigh on impossible for some groups now, but plausible for a solo DK. That is great.

Then a Warlock stepping up and showing that it is not just plate wearers can solo old content. Malygos is a darn healthy fight. Just amazing efforts by both the Death Knight and the Warlock.