Which sigil when in ICC for DKs?

The folks at EJ have a table that it took me 15 minutes to find, and was dreading trying to compile myself. So in the interests of finding it within 1 minute the next time; I’m re-posting their wisdom, and drooling like a madman at the prospect of having all the god-slaying gear listed in the thread.

My real question was which Sigil is better for which bosses, given that the SotHM is only wonderful when you can keep the buff active, which means it is good for fights where you are constantly swinging. Movement makes it less that optimal, which is when the SoV becomes better.

LTDR = SotJM on static fights, SoV on movement fights.

From the ElitistJerks-Unholy-for3.3.5 thread. There is so much goodness in this post for DKs, and especially Unholy Death Knights, that it almost makes my brain hurt.

Boss   Sigil   Notes  
Lord Marrowgar [Sigil of the Hanged Man] [Sigil of Virulence] if standing out on Bladestorms.
Lady Deathwhisper [Sigil of Virulence] [Sigil of the Hanged Man] if assigned to the boss full time.
Gunship [Sigil of Virulence] None.
Deathbringer Saurfang [Sigil of the Hanged Man] [Sigil of Virulence] if on add duty.
Festergut [Sigil of the Hanged Man] None.
Rotface [Sigil of the Hanged Man] None.
Professor Putricide [Sigil of Virulence] [Sigil of the Hanged Man] for the hard mode.
Blood Princes [Sigil of Virulence] None.
Blood Queen Lana’thel [Sigil of the Hanged Man] None.
Valithria Dreamwalker [Sigil of Virulence] None.
Sindragosa [Sigil of Virulence] None.
The Lich King [Sigil of Virulence] None.