Cata as a Gift

The Cataclysm release date has been confirmed as Tuesday 7th December. Now the interesting and totally self serving thing about this is that it is also my birthday, so I’m really pleased. Thank you Blizzard for the thought, such a wonderful gift.  I’d hate to think of how the scale of this gift could be topped, – kidding.

But I have a issue: How am I meant to be playing the expansion (or downloading the last patch and waiting) on my birthday when my partner and family probably expect me to be talking to them that day?

Well the reality is that we will all be patching that day, and that Tuesday will probably mean more like Wednesday or Thursday. So as long as (a) it all goes smoothly, (b) I can get online, and (c) I can create a reasonable build; it will be a great birthday week.

“Cataclysm includes the best content we’ve ever created for World of Warcraft. It’s not just an expansion, but a re-creation of much of the original Azeroth, complete with epic new high-level adventures for current players and a redesigned leveling experience for those just starting out,” – Mike Morhaime

It is safe to say that I am very excited, even if you ignore the hype and flashy improvements there is still a lot of new and strange things to explore. I expect we will see a return of some players to the game due to this in the short term.

Happy hunting.

Count down to Wrath release

A cute link that tells me exactly how long till Wrath of the Lich King is released. I really wanted a timer to display in the post, but can’t wangle the WordPress voodoo or the coding voodoo to get that done. Good thing the free time and calculator websites have already expended the voodoo for me.

Picture a big shot clock, the letters all icy and gothic, with a draco-lich holding the panels in its glinting claws. We could even have a low moaning and hiss soundtrack, to add ambience. Hey – does MySpace off this type of time-wasting rubbish….?

Link will have to do. 😦

We have a week people. Start buying hotpockets and headache tablets now.wrath-7-days