Tired of lol-speak

I’m tired of the overuse of lol-speak terms, and thankfully I’m not the only one. WarAnvil has the same opinion.

We need a WoW Forum parser that functions like the Blue Tracker, except it drops any posts that have too many lol-speak terms.

I think after that ran I’d be able to read the official forums in under a minute, as two pages is very quick to read.

New Year Resolution: Game On

Now that the 2 week hiatus enforced by a trip away over Christmas and New Years is over, I can look forward to a 2009 full of gankage, qq, rofl, and all other things that are the cornerstones of playing World of Warcraft.

My new years resolutions are:
– pay my 500g debt (thanks again Rakk)
– get back in the game
– become a regular raider, by booking in the time in advance. For this some of my real life typical misadventures will have to be rescheduled
– level an Alt in the off times, but remain focused on my Death Knight main. In the short term that means not doing anything like an alt until I have Mining and Blacksmith topped out, and all the greens gear is gone and properly enchanted.

Whats missing from this picture? (rant)

missing_coffeeQ. Whats missing from this picture?

A. The damn coffee machine!

Everything feels harder, stranger, and less elegant when you’re not dosed to the eyeballs with caffine. Is it true?


Many years ago a (now ex) girlfriend of mine said that I was addicted to caffine and sweeteners. Further, she said that removing the copious amounts of legal drugs I intake each day from my diet, will in-fact make me healthier, happier, more friendly.

Hmm, interesting proposition, I can quit anytime I want.

Rather than my normal first response which would be to rant, ignore her, and crack open another Diet Coke – I decided to quit all caffeine products for 3 months. You know, for science (and because I’m a pig-headed kinda guy).

After a few days I felt like crap. Headaches, sick gut, you name it. I felt poor and was not enjoying the experience at all. I started thinking that she might have had a point. The only thing that kept me going was the fact that I’d promised myself to see through 3 months. After several weeks thought everything started to settle; and the good news for me was that I was feeling ok again. 1 month later felt pretty normal.

The bad news for her was that apart from the initial withdrawal my mood did not change one bit. I am the same ranty, sarcastic bastard with or without coffee, EXCEPT that I enjoy drinking it. So now I’m going without something I like because I’ve made a stubborn promise to myself. Imagine giving up something you enjoy for 3 months, and it not making you angry? Nope, didn’t think so.

In fact the overall impression from my friends was that I was more acidic when not having coffee, than when I’m on it. Likewise good food, alcohol, etc. If I’m not overdosing, and its in moderation, then but the hell out.

Lessons of the story:

– Coffee is a wonderful thing that has some side affects. I like the affects and happily accept the side affects and damage its doing to my system. This is not a cigarette folks, its OK.

– Don’t ask somebody to quit something, unless you’re really sure it will help.

– Don’t be a stubborn arse and promise yourself to hold off for 3 months. Its fine to have strong will, but sheesh – I messed the stuff.

– Chocolate coated coffee beans are the fastest way to inject caffine into your system after a few days off the stuff. I love them.

Hunters, I love’em and hate’em

Begin Rant.

Honestly I don’t hate them. Jez from DPS We Deliver is a Hunter, and while I enjoy stirring her about how imba or irritating the class is, I really feel they have a niche spot in the game that is both valuable and enjoyable. Yesterday however was a swear jar day.

The context is over the weekend I spend a bit of time online and burned from 65 to 67 on my death Knight. So when Monday night came up, I thought “you beauty” time to ping level 68. However the universe has a sense of humour, and put a number of players in the environment to make the experience a tad more like a personal growth session.

The Good…

A Hunter last night helped be with a few quests in Nagrand. She and I had an unspoken agreement that our pets would dps and not pull aggro, we’d watch our threat, and I’d tank. For the 35 or so kills it worked a treat, we thanked each other and de-grouped. I saw her moments later at the hand in and we both /waved. Nice really, and a fast way to burn through the Nessangwary kill quests.

The Bad…

Not healing yourself between battles, not having any buffs applied (even the hunter ones), and starting the 2nd last stage of Nagrand Ring of Blood when you have 15% health, and the Druid healer has said he’s taking a bio break. We said wait, he kicked off anyway. We all died, he implied it was his pets fault. I had to ask if his pet accepted the quest, but I think it went over his head. Thankfully the healer didn’t drop group when he returned from the bathroom, and we got it done. Dumb arse, stupid player!

The Ugly…

Two Hunters and my DK doing some of the tough elite demons in Nagrand, all of us level 67. I tanked as best I could, and honnestly when the pets yanked aggro off me (growl?) I just let the stupid animal tank it for a while until its health went to zero. Given I was doing 45% of the damage, its shocking that they were able to, and I don’t know why it happened twice in a row. The second time I even taunted, only to have it taunted back off me. Yawn.

One also gave himself more room mid-fight by walking backwards into a set of mobs, and then later stood directly where the patrol walked, rather than where the other Hunter stood. I swear, these guys should tour the comedy circut.

In conclusion…

Its been said to me that there must be a truckload of bad players on our server, and while I can accept that statistically we may have a higher ass-hat ratio, I can’t really accept that the stats are skewed so far to allow this to continue to this degree for so long.

That, or I have some hell inspired curse that means that any odd, bad, or just plain strange players will gravitate toward the zone I’m in. Like the guy in the Douglas Adams book who was “blessed” to always be in rain. Some of the guys I meet are total wastes of oxygen.

Surely all the idiot players re-rolled Death Knights and are now lol-wat’ting their way through Northrend? I mean unless playing a Hunter is still easier, or creating new macros would bend their reality too much.

End rant.

btw – I’m not the only one to notice this recently.

Thank you to comments

I am really sick of irrelevant comments on news, info, and esepcially wow sites.

I am really sick of irrelevant comments on news, info, and especially wow sites.

Rant Warning.

To those folks who comment here, thank you – its always good and well received. And generally the wow community has a reasonable spam  filter (or bullshit filter as I like to call them).

To the muppets, freaks, and odd-balls who populate the interwebs with spam and garbage; be quiet. Stop posting. Stay inside. Face mirror, and talk a good hard look.

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Priest Shadow Silence

I found shadow priests a strange breed. To be efficient the need mana regen, which requires 13 points out of their tree, and to do passable damage they need to avoid any “non-damage” talents. And to have any hope of not pulling aggro, there is 3 more talent points. Every class has some of this, its hopefully intentional.

Its also redundant. To play at all you need to spend them, which means you’re not really choosing your style, you’re making up a toon much like every other Shadow Priest. This does not make you feel very talented.

However one of the most interesting non-damage talent is Silence, which takes 3 talent points to get because its hidden behind the fear ability. Grrrrr, I can’t even see a reason for this in PvP builds, which I suppose is what Silence might be for, but thats forgetting that so many caster mobs in soloing are rendered useless when silenced, so its darn handy.

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Hunter just need Healing

Reading the upcomming changes, it seems all classes are getting adjusted. As you’d expect. However there is one class that seems to be getting a heck of a lot of love, and very little in the way of downward adjustment. Hunters.

Dps when solo, dps in arena, dps in raids, battlegrounds, etc. Crowd control in many ways, and one of the best aggro dumps in the game, which doubles as a free “oh shit” button when a wipe is occuring. Mana return, so minimal down time, stuns, the list goes on. Continue reading

Be a casual. Kill Vash.

Jez at DPS We Deliver has a good post about what level of dedication is needed for steady progression. The contention is that you can raid seriously once per week and still make progress through the end-game content (her guild is almost through SSC and TK). Thats certainly making good progress, and she coined the phrase “relaxed raiders”, which I like to call “softcore”. Bravo guys. Continue reading