Onyxia Dead (again)

Due to some nudging and lucky timing, and odd outcomes from rolls – I was able to complete the Onyxia head quest, and gain not only that quest, but a handy upgrade in gear.

The Onyxia lore is something that I have a deep respect for, and can not wait for a revival when the next expansion hits. It would make sense if she was undead though, as she’s been killed twice now.

Quendalon in front of Stormwind and Onyxia head

Onyxia never looked better, deep breath be damned.

Image gallery of distractions

Here are random screenshots of what I’ve been up to for a few weeks. Nothing too leet-sauce here, just stuff that gave me a giggle. On the left is may tag image for all the bear posts I might one day do. Continue reading

A cat on the ramparts

As a distraction from my regular wow activity I’ve started to play a Druid through the 60+ content. Leveling another toon through BC solo will be fine, but this time I’m keen to do a lot more instance runs than I did on my Warlock and Paladin.

Last night I ran my first instance as a Druid where I wasn’t being carried by several high level characters. The team was a 70 Tank Warrior wearing DPS gear and wielding two nasty looking swords, a 60 Warrior Tank, a 60 Warrior DPS, a 61 Paladin on heals, and me on a 61 DPS Druid.

OK, there was still a 70 in there, but as a team for Ramps it seemed to work, and each of us had to pull some of the weight. Almost all the pulls had 2 toons acting in a tank role, and because the rest of us could just hammer the mobs I think it was still a little like cheating.

A few observations from the run were: Continue reading