Kids Guild Names

It tickles the dry and sarcastic part of my brain to think that an experienced player might get beaten into a bloody pulp by a 9 year old. I know that the under 18s playerbase is present and can deliver some very reasonable quality gameplay, and was pondering guild names.

I guess the question needs to be asked – is it a good idea to indicate that the player may be a child in the first place? Especially with a guild-tag? Probably something for their legal guardians to ponder, like everything else they experience in and out of game.

Some names might be:

  • <Primary School Raiders>, an alternate of Old School Raiders.
  • <My dad can beat up your dad>, just because its funny and an argument I hope still occurs.
  • <Have Parents will AFK>, playing on the popular guild on my server called Have Kids Will AFK.
  • <Picked Last at Dodgeball>, because these are the nerds of the future; but they’re still playing fun stuff like dodgeball, not serious sports.
  • <Baby Teeth FTW>,
  • <Mum Packs My Lunch>; don’t ask. This has very innocent meanings and very odd ones.

Happy killing.

Blue Vengence

I like a good rant as much as the next nut, and getting good and frothy-mouthed about an issue is a quick way to release frustration. However what I saw today in the WoW Forums makes me think that ranting in the General forums is where the real comedy is – far better than getting angry. Seeing a Blue do this was relaxing and fun.

A blue today totally trashed a whinger in spectacular fashion.

Q u o t e:
Blizzard, stop appealing to the casuals just to make a profit

That’s an over-simplification, I’d reckon. There are, and always will be, aspects of this game that appeal to very different gaming styles. That’s a good thing. Exposing more people to the MMO market is good for a business we believe is about providing people with entertainment that isn’t just passive, while providing a system for social networking.

Q u o t e:
make this game a game again.

I hope you don’t mean such things are measured solely based on difficulty. I would assume a game would primarily be something fun and engaging that exercises the body or mind. I’ve had a lot of fun in this expansion and met a couple of challenges along the way.

Q u o t e:
I can literally roll my face on the keyboard and take away epics.

“Literal” definitely doesn’t mean what you think it means.

Q u o t e:
I want to die, and not just from OP classes in PvP, but from PvE content… I want to wipe, I want to actually have a challenge like I did trying to progress through BWL so many years ago.

It looks like your highest level is 72, unless the armory hasn’t updated properly. Come back to me when you hit 80 and clear all the currently available raid content. If you say you never died due to player error, a challenge, or just dumb luck, I’ll hope there are logs for verifying this.

Q u o t e:
As it stands, a brainless chimpanzee could play this game and complete all the PvE content.

I’m quite sure you’d find a strong argument against you from the medical community. I can’t think of a mammal that exists that can function without such a vital organ. In case you were exaggerating and really meant to say an unintelligent chimpanzee could complete all PvE content, I want proof. The chimpanzee market could be HUGE.

Not half bad, and real linkage here. Kudos Zarhym.