Garalon 10 Man Normal Guild Kill

I had the pleasure of smashing Garalon last night in Heart of Fear, playing 10 man Normal mode with the guild. Here is the kill screenie I took with the other Insidious folks.


The wonderful thing about last night was the fact that we stayed at it, and it was one of the classic kills.

We all survived to kill him, and then all died just after the boss (he enraged, but we killed him in 7:05m), we kept at it beyond the official end time of the raid (which caused much aggro and enraging offline), and many folks were tempted to change strat after each attempt (which evoked in me the “shut up and pull” twitch).

Our top DPS did 105k dps (this particular Warrior is a dps bamix, just insert squishies), with the next three characters doing 90k or higher as well; with all dps having 97-98% up time on the boss. For a fight where you switch targets that is pretty healthy!

On a DK note – my self healing abilities did about 2% healing (or approx 1,526,635 health) which shows just how important self healing abilities are in that fight. On the early attempts I was not self healing as much, as it is a Dps loss to use some of the more efficient heals, but in combination with damage resistance cool-downs (Icebound Fort, you’re a wonderful toy) I think the extra effort really helps keep everyone alive. The less healing I need the more healing that somebody else takes.

The counter to that was the 7.1 million Health healing that I needed over the fight, which was about average across the team (massive crush in the logs fusks the ratios, so has to be ignored)

For Raid Progression it makes us MV 6/6, and 3/6 in HoF – and 20th on the server (although 18th if you go 10 man strict – how ever the bloody hell logic). Apparently the next boss is far easier, or so the raid lead promises.

When he’s not dead due to how awesome our raiders are the big fat bug looks like something out of a sci-fi film.


Happy Killing

Ps. The comment about changing stats wasn’t a snarky shot at anyone in the team, it’s my own OCD.


You want hardcore? Then burn

Divine Plea as a post about the QQ on Nurfs. I agree mostly. The qq on the nurf makes me mad too, especially when it comes from folks who were in no way even close to being negatively affected; so I commented:

How about this – Blizzard rolls back the nurfs on HMs, in fact they increase them. Make HMs so brutal that only 0.25% of the player base can stand it, and add a month long attunement to them as well. You want a way to prove how godlike you are, fine. I hope Blizzard gives it to you in spades.

You want hardcore? Where is the limit, and what about your neighbor’s limit? Oh, right, screw your neighbour…its all about you.

Mostly I mean that. But a little of me knows that there is a rational argument for why its not OK to just sweep the nurf bat around. I suspect it is mainly the timing and the lack of notice that is the real issue for some players. If they’d known about it sooner, or perhaps if it had happened at the same time as 4.3 they’d care a lot less. If their personal progression was a little faster, they’d be less bothered?

By no means am I having a bitch or rant, I’m actually finding this change to be a very interesting way to understand the players. People are coming out on all sides with great perspectives on the affects – this “drama” shows us more about the shades of grey.

Progression is somewhat an illusion. Some people fight to get 7/7, and others fight to get as far as they can, and others fight until they must sleep. It is relative. There are darn handy websites who track your exact progression relative to others, relative to every other bloody guild playing the game. You want an idea of your progression? Then track and measure yourself by your server ranking. Then Battlegroup, then Region, and then across the playerbase. Then you’ll know where you sit.

If you are 5/7 now, you’ll probably get 7/7 soon after the nurf, and if you are progressing based upon competition with others, or for some sort of experience validation – then this change should have no real affect.

…but then I know it will in the back of your mind, and I know that it still feels wrong somehow. Like an itch you just can’t scratch, it drives you to say and do things that are unusual. All I can offer to you folks is the advice that you’ll get another chance in patch 4.3.

All this talk of progression and difficulty also makes me think that along with an Easy mode for Raids, perhaps we could see a DEATH-MODE as well. There are the fights where the bosses are just bastards. They’d be like me as a DnD games master after too much sugar and not enough sleep. Giant blue lightning bolts from the sky…indoors!

Give me a Total-Party-Kill counter in the GUI.

A rolling debuff that must slay a team mate at a random time in the fight, so you don’t get to “save” a res.

An artificial latency increase by 500ms.

And fire…more fire than you’ve seen since the first rpgs were written.

and Burn.

I see nothing wrong with giving the really cutting edge guys quasi-impossible tasks that mere mortals are not meant to do. In fact don’t even give them a reward for it, the suffering and final completion are the reward.

Or just the suffering. Happy killing (now with 30% less hit points).

Unhinged dies, LF Guild

I found out a night or so ago that my current Guild has died. A lack of progression, and I suspect some frustration with numbers (which in turn creates a lack of progression) in attendance. Trying to raid 3-4 times a week in a small guild which was tolerant of casual behaviour was an odd concept.

Not the best message of the day.

Not the best message of the day.

Makes me ponder my options, look to what other folks are doing, and even realise that my work / life / wow balance may be still out of whack even after slowing right back to two nights a week. Work demands at the moment are certainly making thinking about much else bloody hard.

Well bugger it. I’m off to make coffee.

Be a casual. Kill Vash.

Jez at DPS We Deliver has a good post about what level of dedication is needed for steady progression. The contention is that you can raid seriously once per week and still make progress through the end-game content (her guild is almost through SSC and TK). Thats certainly making good progress, and she coined the phrase “relaxed raiders”, which I like to call “softcore”. Bravo guys. Continue reading

Screenshots and observations

Aurac getting pwned in Kara

With so much happening, I’ll say it with pictures. Above is my Warlock called Aurac, who was fighting hard to stay healthy during the run. I was spoilt by the run as I got my Malefic Girdle, and Voidheart Gloves.

Still so much to do in Kara, and apart from anything else I need some better weapons.

Diamon at Karas Door

Last night I also entered Kara for the first time with Diamon, my Prot Paladin. He was not actually fighting, but was able to jump in after the run where Aurac was getting spanked to complete the first part of the massive Kara quest chains.

I was stoked to see him walking around in there.

Casserole - a new druid on Eonar

As it was a slow night a few of us Endeavour folks decided to start some Horde toons. We have a Blood Elf Warlock, a Blood Elf Paladin; and I picked a Tauren Druid – named Casserole (I like naming things).

I’ll hopefully enjoy the Druid class as I can see them being a good hybrid class, and I like that about the Paladin. The class mix should be very complementary, as two of the three can heal, might be able to tank later, and we can all dish out some damage.

 Crowd control might be lacking a bit, but I hope we all play at the same time, so three people playing at the same time will make questing easy.

I ding’ed level 6, picked up First Aid, Leatherworking, and Skinning. I was thinking of Herbalism or Mining and might switch, but I don’t want to take something that the other guys might take, and then have to share the nodes. Cooking basic training was more money than I had, but I’m planning on getting Cooking and Fishing, as they’re great stuff to do while waiting.

What spec will I choose, which gear path, blah, blah, blah? Stop! 


  • Some good sized bags
  • Get across to the Blood Elf area, so I can play with the guys.
  • Either start a guild, or join one. Naming your guild is fun, and with us having 70s on the other side of the war, cash should be as simple as a trip to the neutral auction house.

I have to go now and attend the Alt-aholics meeting.