Portal seeds? Almost pointless


The new seeds (Unstable Portal Shards) which allow planting of portals are pretty much pointless, but the overall idea is ok.

I’ve created one which went to Darnassas and can’t for the life of me think why that is useful. A few posts out there too seem to concur.

Here is what I’d change.

  • Make then allow selection of the destination city on use. In the same way as the Engineering teleporter for Northrend.
  • Consider making them usable by any character on that realm. So that folks will give flexibility to their alts.
  • At the moment they are only usable at the Farm. Perhaps (and this might be too overpowered for the novelty they are offering) allow them to be used in other places – say at any location where you qualify for the Rested buff; like Inns.

Mages must think they are a quaint idea. And Shamans. And Inscriptors.

Happy killing, Typhoonandrew