WoW US Realms Nagrand and Caelestrasz to join soon

Well finally some great news for Nagrand US. We are to be merged with Caelestrasz, where a few of the folks from our Nagrand server went to. So I basically get to have twice the alts and still be on the same realm as my friends.

Blizzard +1, awesome work. After my recent rant about Nagrand not having a plan I feel like a direct whine was addressed. Very impressed.

When? No idea, but after 4 April at least.

Happy killing folks!

How to ruin your Guild’s reputation

[Language Warning, this is a rant on a specific set of players. And it makes me mad]

A guildie was recently targeted by a few unsavory players on the Nagrand-US server. I’m calling attention to it because this type of whisper based harrassment is totally beyond reason, and should be outside what anyone experiences on a daily basis.

My 2c is that these players are immature asshats.

Oxygen Thieves is another term I like for those individuals who get a kick out of being rude and vile while being protected by the anonymity of the internet. I’d dare the same juvenile cretins to speak to that guildie in that manner in real life. She’s near kill them, and frankly they wouldn’t dare. I’d also love to meet them in real life as well, and I get a kick out of the idea that someday one of these foul mouthed belligerent little recalcitrants might be interviewing with my company, and I can tell them to go home. Just stop the interview, and send them on their way.

Why is it blog worthy when it happens all the time in game?

I think Blizzard will do sweet fuck all about the harassment, and this is exactly the type of players I wish were doing something else. So instead I’m calling out the behaviour here as garbage. WoW should not tolerate this, and the players should get at least a few days ban, if not a month. If somebody can be sacked for writing the wrong thing into a message forum, then they certainly should be banned for harassing other players. That behaviour is illegal in Australia.

Now I know that these guys are essentially trolling this guild member, and a bit of attention from the internet is exactly the type of drama they might love. They got a rise from a player – well done, you’re special.

It is not hard to be offensive on the internet, and certainly does not differentiate the speaker from almost every other anonymous and rude internet screen-name. Nothing special about the behaviour and I suspect nothing essentially special about the people either.

I could say far worse things about these people and use language which was totally disgraceful, but instead I choose to smile and consider the karmic payback. I am sure that if their real life dealings are executed with the same disregard for civil interaction then they will be serving hamburgers to their peers for a very long time.

Funny thing too – a regular wow activity in game is grinding rep. Essentially getting factions to like you. Now given it is a means to an end, and that is a corner stone of the game – I think its odd that players would choose to ruin their reps, and the reps of their friends through their action but spend so much time pretending to be heroes. Pretending to be powerful and respected characters.

Perhaps they’d like to go play in the traffic. I wouldn’t swerve to hit them, but I’d watch.

Feelings on GM retirement

Part of the challenge to play wow well is at a basic level having enough time to make progress. There is a minimum amount of time needed to do any particular task, and of late my time available has been decreasing – this is especially true of any player who wishes to also have a controlling role in a guild structure. It takes a bit (or a lot) more time than just playing.

In future I expect it to get even harder to get a regular cycle of time each week, so (with much apprehension) I’ve retired as GM of the Insidious guild, returning the title to the old GM. In hindsight I have some thoughts on being a guildie, a GM, and a player that I thought might be interesting to others. Continue reading

Insidious has defeated Ragnaros

At last, after fighting him tooth and nail, the Insidious raid team have defeated Ragnaros – giving them 7 of 7 and completing the normal mode fights in Firelands. Well done guys, you earnt that victory.

Typically it was the last attempt for the night, just after the raid was supposed to end. Perhaps you guys should raid from 11pm to 11:15pm?


ps – we’re looking for a few good players too. If you’re a good player, mature, and love playing in the Ausssie time zone then look us up. Insidious on Nagrand-US Alliance‘s website. Currently recruiting healers.

Continue reading

Instance server was down (depressed?)

We had a run for an hour or so, and then found Kara impossible to complete. Not because of lack of skill, but because of a Instance Lockout. The delay cost us 1+hrs, and really derailed me for a while afterward.

But almost all the group was able to come back, and we cleared a few more bosses (Maiden and Nightbane). Its all badges for most of the guys, but I scored some gear for Tanking and off-spec too.

It was strange to think that while the lockout was in affect our toons were trapped in Karazhan. Made me think of those poor guys playing in Dalran who have been locked in a bubble for centuries. I’d really like to see inside Dalran and what the Kirin Tor have survived to become.

Transfering WoW Servers

Over the past few months the ambient population on Eonar has been steadily decreasing. Pugs are harder to get, and many players don’t seem to be on as much. This could be due to the natural process of folks getting bored, but it seems that there is a drain away from US servers toward Oceanic servers in my hours of play. And that makes sense as Aussies want to play with other Aussies.

Questing is fine and that can be done on any server, but Instances require coordinated players, and that means a good player base. The alternate is to just do daily quests and pvp; which for me is pretty boring. My play style (or lack of dedication to hardcore raiding) means that I need a large group too, as my slackness won’t impact them.

Looikng about at servers the Oceanic realms seem the way to go, and we’ve earmarked Nagrand as the destination realm. It has a high population, mature markets, and most importantly it seems to have a lot of toons online. Its also a PvE realm which is an absolute requirement for good play.

We’ll be leveling some toons (a mage, paladin, druid and warrior) as well as transferring some well geared 70s. Our high level toons are all Kara and Gruul geared; classes include a Warlock, Mage, dps Warrior, dps Pally, and then some who still need a bit of work like my Pally tank.

Welcome to Nagrand (population: you)


Nagrand is the new Stranglethorn Vale. Rolling hills, streams, trees, and plenty of mobs.

The zone is full of both solo and groups quests, has a huge area to cover, a very large range of beasties present, and you can get killed while resting (which is the theme in tBC).

Its also just like STV in that you need to quests there, but they can get very tedious. To top it off that layabout Nessingwary is there – asking you to prove your skills, so he can reward you. If this guys is such a great hunter, why not go kill the animals himself. What  a bloated windbag!

Hopefully I’ll be through Nagrand is a few days, and will only return later at 70 to grind up some rep.

There are group quests in each zone that are just a pain to get done – and Terrokar Forest and Nagrand seem to be well populated with these funky quests.


  • Ring of Blood
  • Halaa 18 slot bags
  • Son of Gruul (who walks very quietly for a 1000 ft tall monster)