Crowd-source the WoW movie?


The Mists cinematic is once again a demonstration that the cinematic team at Blizzard can really deliver. It is a shame that they cannot be funded to create a longer movie. A short, mini-movie, or some such would be very popular in the community. Heck, get ’em to create the full length film; except for the massive team size needed and colossal cost to do so.

But then, why not have the thing partially or totally crowd / community funded?

Is it silly to think that folks might pre-pay for good digital film content? Even if that payment was fundamentally considered a gamble, or at worst a gift?

I’d put a small stake into a kickstarter to fund it. Call it a donation toward something different. Heck, call it a waste of money if you like, that would not be a first or last as far as games and movie go. With a few in-game or special art items as incentive you’d have a totally new way of funding the work too. Really spin the bucks by offering a custom tailored items for the angel investors.

Too commercial? Maybe. Too much product placement? Not compared to some of the rubbish we already see in cinema.

That team have delivered many outstanding cinematic. I’d love to see what they could produce.

Thor trailer is solid fun


Thor - A Paladin if ever there was one

The Thor trailer is doing the rounds, and like a sci-fi nut I am excited to see this one. I mean its Thor, what is not to love.

God technology, lightning effects, Avengers movie threads…its like a coming of age for geek-sci-fi movies. That said, I am concerned with the story and overall production being less than wonderful, but am delighted to see these types of films being made.

Watch for the Destroyer at the end.

New trailer posted 11 Dec.

Review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones and the ... meh, boom!In a nutshell, if you have seen the other three films hire this on DVD for a lazy or stupid Sunday arvo film. Or wait for TV. If you have not seen any of the other films (or didn’t care to remember them), then see something else. Don’t watch it in the cinema in any case.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5, and that’s because I enjoyed seeing Indy back on the screen more than anything else (the snake-rope joke and rocket launcher joke are top highlights). To a non-Indy fan 0.5 out of 5.

For: Cultural references are thick through-out the film, and if done with a little more restraint or subtlety might have been rather cool. Reds under the beds, government conspiracy, area 51 little green men, nuke testing, and a fantastic picture of what university life might have been like.

Against: The basic plot theme was ok, but the actual plot was horrid and predictable.

Quick: Indiana Jones and the … meh. Boom, wizz, ka-pow!

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Ironman – quick review

If you like comic book super hero movies, you should see Ironman. You might think it was awesome, or you might think it was a little disappointing, and you may even think it was a good film worth of the Ironman franchise.

Its certainly in the league of a good supers film – which is why you should pay the dollars on the big screen. The “tech” is not so high tech as to be insane, and the story flows well.

In short: I loved it, 8.5 out of 10.

The good: Characters, cast, and animation are all really good.

The bad: The military seem a bit useless in this film, a bit too easy to lead around by the nose.

Incredible Hulk Trailer

Hulk PicThere is a Hulk trailer out for the new movie, which stars Ed Norton. Excellent!

The last movie was a tad disappointing from a CGI perspective, and worse from a script perspective.

Hopefully the inclusion of Ed will see an improvement in the film’s quality. Can’t see Hulk as a huge series like Spiderman though, he’s a bit of a single story kinda guy to me (don’t bother spam me with hate, I won’t read it).

Linkage via Spike.