Mortigen on Son of a Lich

Son of a Lich has posted my response to the DK intro called Circle of Killing.

For those new to the concept the Circle of Killing is a featured Death Knight answering a series of similar questions about the class; akin to the Circle of Healing posts. And Son of  Lich is a great DK blog and resource.

son of a lich logoHappy killing.


What happens when Mortigen meats a kitten?

I could not help it. A cat in Naxx is far more tempting than a rat in another instance. And its called Mr Bigglesworth. It had to die, death is what I do.

mrbigglesworthIf only to get the special emote from KT, and make the Hunter jealous that I got it first this time. Silly stuff like this is why I like this game. If only I was an Undead, I could eat it too.

Upgrades and a question


  • Mortigen has a few upgrades that make the gear better, but what I really need to do is fix my spec. The current range of Death Knight specs are way different to mine, and while I can keep up using my current build, with my gear the performance should be far better. I’m a little ashamed.
  • I think I’ll go back to Unholy 2H build. It was how I started and how I leveled. I don’t tank much, and I get the impression from the PTR that Blood and Unholy will be the two dps talent trees of choice.
  • A good friend also plays a Frosty DK Tank, and I think he’s looking good in the 3.1 update. Maybe a Frost tank spec might be a good “off-spec” or dare I say dual spec choice. But if Blood tanking allows solid solo grinding of lowbie instances I’ll do that instead. I do a lot of helper runs with mates, and being able to solo Tank without too much ache will be my goal.
  • I still want some good Bracers, a 25 man Maly kill, and the Betrayer of Humanity. Then I’m ready for 3.1.

Q&A Time

Q. Why the hell would Arthas allow a tournament in Icecrown? (ala the Tournament coming with 3.1)

A. He bloody wouldn’t.

If the new tournament is not one of the most heavily guarded and fortified areas in the zone, then this is a corrosive stain on the shining lore of Icecrown.

Then again the Ebon Blade have managed to camp one of his outposts for ages, so maybe Arthas is distracted by something else enough to allow all these pesky Alliance and Horde types to live on his block. If I was him I’d be saying get off my lawn, and bringing about 50 of those 80e mobs to send the message clearly.

Some RP Questions for Mortigen

Credit to the blog guys who push the RP envelope in WoW. I’m unashamedly stealing the idea of the post from them. I have often had a laugh at the expense of folks who don’t “get” roleplaying (watch for the lolwat when you make an RP response to their request for gold), but then don’t often participate in RP activity myself. So yeah, I have a double standard or two.

What is your name and where did it come from?

Mortigen is an assumed name. My old family name and indeed my family is now dead to me. I know they would never accept what I have become, especially as I do not see my transition as a fall from grace. The Draenei value the protection and preservation of life, but even before my first death I did not understand the compromises our race made for this philosophy. The undeath that the Lich King offers is a wonderful freedom, and I wish to never be turned or cured. Continue reading

Transformation into Human

Finally did the culling of Stratholme run, and really enjoyed it. I like that Arthas is starting to flip out, the argument at the beginning, but also that there were beings beyond his comprehension that participated too. It lends a legendary feel to everything we do in Lich King. The run was done fast, and I’d like to head back in and actually learn and watch what is happening as there is sure to be more little tid-bits of lore hidden away.

The only down side was Mortigen was transformed into a Human. And a darn ugly one at that. I mean balding with a mullet ugly!


Epic Flying Dead Chicken

The few hours I spent playing over the holidays were not wasted. Thanks to a guildie for the loan – I have an epic speed Undead Chicken for my Death Knight.

Mortigen will enjoy the speed, and imho the only mount a Death Knight should get is the Undead Chicken/Gryphon, till you at least have one of the cool drakes from rep or instances. A regular epic flyer is just not trying.

That makes 4x epics and my first epic flyer in Northrend (and a 500g debit).

Mortigen’s fall and rise

Meet Mortigen, an Unholy spec Death Knight and one of his many minions.


– Too much fun, flavour is perfect. Story is cool in a “whoa thats warped” way.

– The level boost from 60-70 has made the grind less of a grind.

– DPS is great, and you can survive a screw-up or bad pull. Having a pet really helps survive, and having AoE ability helps with farming when an area is overpopulated. I lay down the AoE when I think it will spawn, and often I get the mob tagged as it enters.

– Starting gear really gives you a jump start into leveling. Rakarth is right in that this may well change and we may notice a real problem with gear at later levels (a comment by phone). I’m not sure that matters as 71 greens will replace the 69 greens by a large degree. The first few levels in Northrend will be tough, but could not be impossible.


– …I got nothing bad to say.

And when I say they have good dps, this is an example of what a Ramparts zerg can produce. With a L70 Paladin and Healer, and x3 Death Knights – the dps was flowing like water. I really enjoyed both the Blood Furnace and Ramparts runs yesterday. At one point I pulled aggro from the Prot Paladin, and was almost killed, but thankfully the healer really knew his job and saved my silly red arse.

ramps-zergI see no reason not to try each spec, and gather gear for each spec. With each apparently being a viable tank role, the “oh shit” moments are not as terrible as with a more squishy toon.

From what I’ve seen Blood is the great dps, and Frost seems to have most of the best Tank talents. Which makes me wonder why I took Unholy? Answer is I like Warlock pets and AoE spells, which the Unholy gets in spades. And I love AoE tanking on the Paladin.

The best of both worlds? I think so.

Lastly the mod pictured in my screenshot above is called RuneWatch. Its an Ace2 mod that shows the diseases, runes and such that your DK has. The options are great (fade, hide blizz rune frame, rune ordering, sizing, plus many more), and while its the first I’ve used, I think its pretty darn good. In combination with Eclipse for timers this is a pretty powerful too.

Anyone know of a killer DK mod, because while I can not see anything wrong with RuneWatch, I’d like to have the best mods available. Something that makes the DK powers show/hide like the Curses for Warlocks in Necrosis would be handy. Likewise those abilities that you don’t use often like Deathgate, etc. No need for a spot on the action bar if they are folded out as part of a mod menu.