Molten Core at 100 done


Molten Core is done! I feel like I can de-stress a little as I’ve gained the mount and the helm, and don’t plan to return to there at 100 anytime soon. It was great to do though. I plan to open up an Alt now so they can also have a Garrison, to both feed my main and have a different leveling experience through Warlords.

For MC I joined an in progress fight so only had to fight the last 4 bosses, and our group had a far harder time on the trash than the bosses. Strategy wise I think there were enough folk who knew what to kill in what order, that everyone else just followed along – so it was like very old school MC. I missed Sam yelling for decurse, and thought that Ragnaros in particular had been toned back in terms of difficulty to make the experience more LFR friendly. Nobody made the joke about looting the damn dogs, sadly.


Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros – at last

It took a long time, but I finally own a legendary. The Hand of Ragnaros is a total mongrel to get, and I can promise that I will not be in Molten Core farming there next week!

Now I have this it means the Guild has also started the downward spiral of achievements for the guild, I hope to see some other poor bastard farming for the legendary gear.

One can wish that we will eventually have a nice set of Legendary items to gloat over.

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