Must have Death Knight mods

Here are a few mods that have made playing a Death Knight far better.

Of course some of these have applications for non-DKs, and there are a stack of ones that are generally useful across all characters.

  1. Rune Watch. My favourite display for rune power, disease timer, and all the DK information which in normally handled by the default DK unit frame.
  2. DK Presence Alert. This mod warns when you get threat, but instead of saying “Threat!!” it says “Switch to Frost presence!!!”. This is good as its a threat warning as well as a reminder for when you’re tanking but are in the wrong presence.
  3. DotTimers. I use this for tracking what I have applied to which mob, which is also handled by the Rune Watch, but it is handy to see some of the extra cooldowns with the disease ticks.
  4. Power Auras Classic. A way of showing customised screen affects based upon combat conditions. eg. I have Unholy Blight so that it creates a green circle around the RuneWatch area. This way I look in one easy place for all the single target info I need.
  5. ZOMGBuffs. Reminders for Horn of Winter and Bone Armour. Works across all classes, and handy that it pre-warns so you can fit the spell into the next rotation set.

If you’re serious about a DK get something that each of these mods does.

Mods down, Speed Up

I went through a few frustrating days of getting a wow warning, a huge warning screen right in the middle of my HUD, which distracts somewhat from the playing of the game. Basically I had too many mods and some were causing issues (apparently). The game would prompt asking me to “Disable” or “Ignore”.

Now I can just imagine the fubar that would occur by saying disable mods in the middle of an instance run. Continue reading

Moving to Mac for WoW

macbook picIn my last post about moving from a PC to Mac I gave some general observations about the experience. Now a week later I know a stack more about Macs. I am still impressed and expected the teething problems to be worse.

What is interesting is that the overall experience of using a laptop at work and home for most stuff has not changed. Still surf, still download, and still way to easy to get distracted at night when I should be doing something else. Not surprising really. The only hitch I’ve had is email, which is still running in a Windows partition until we get all the new contacts, mail, etc sorted out.

What did surprise me was how easy it was to get going with the Powerbook on World of Warcraft. It was simple. Here is a quick summary of the migration process, and a few neat things I found out about along the way. Continue reading

Warcraft Mods that Rock!

After a short break I’m going to get back into WoW, and after all the patches; some of my mods needed to be replaced and updated. This made me think about what mods do I use every day, and which ones are vanity or just junky.

My final criteria was: Which mods should be in the default interface shipped with the game?

Here is my list:

CharBar – Add chat channel buttons to the rant area.

a Frame mod – of some sort. X-Perl is the one I’m using now, and having the capacity to change the look is excellent.

a Positioning mod – Bongos is my favoutite now, but any move it mod is a must have.

a Info bar mod – such as FuBar. Titan is another option, and I recently moved from Titan to FuBar due to the Ace support and a better selection of mods.

Atlas – They could charge for Atlas and I’d almost pay.

Ace and Ace2 – The best supported set of mod libraries. Even has an auto-updater for any mod written properly in it, so you don’t have to manually do all the checking and updating. Gold!

Banzai Alert! – tells you when you’ve got aggro. Most of my toons are in trouble when they get aggro, so a red flashing border is very useful. Makes it hard to ignore, and will train me not to do it.

ps. You can Google these, as giving out URLs will often result in all sorts of out of date stuff in the mod community.