PaxAus will be July 2013

PaxAus LogoI’m excited that PaxAus (aka Pax Downunder, or PaxTailJob) will be in Melbourne in July next year. Registrations are open for the keen and adventurous.

I’ll check the running sheet before plop’ing down cash, but 3x days of nerd-game-fun looks good to me. Event coordinators also have a sense of Australian sense of humour too…

  1. Drop Bears.
  2. Second Rate Animal Wildlife hosts.
  3. that a really thick American accent is sometimes viewed poorly, especially if you’re whinging. English accents while whinging will get you thrown into the secret dungeon beneath Parliament House. Continue reading

Melbourne housing market

Recently arrived and learning whats changed since four years ago. Melbourne has progressed in many ways. New roads, strange places that used to be dead alleys now have great bars, and overall its easy to like this city.

However the property and rental markets are highly competitive, and I could not resist sharing this photo I grabbed while walking home a few days ago.

Modern open plan living with great views?

Modern open plan living with great views?