kudos to those who solo

Quick post to spread the word – mmo champion has videos of a DK who successfully completed Yogg+1 solo, straight after doing a solo kill Mimron on hard mode: Firefighter! Also in the post is a Malygos solo by a Warlock. So we have a Death Knight doing what they are darn good at, by demonstrating that Firefighter is nigh on impossible for some groups now, but plausible for a solo DK. That is great.

Then a Warlock stepping up and showing that it is not just plate wearers can solo old content. Malygos is a darn healthy fight. Just amazing efforts by both the Death Knight and the Warlock.

Can I get a Flying Disk Mount?

I’d love a flying disk mount, like the melee use in the Malygos fight. We could pretend to be Magneto in X-Men, flying on a saucer would be a fun thing, and totally rational given that its already in the game environment. The mechanics are already resolved, and it would be a wonderful epic mount. Just not sure who would grant this, apart from a drop from the Malygos fight.