WoW Lo-Fi mode for Resting

lowfi-dragonOdd thought spun around in my head as a result of seeing another “wow on a handheld” post. Handhelds for Warcraft seem like a gimmick to me, and basically pointless. The screen res alone should be enough of a signal to say stop it, and unless Blizzard themselves craetes a special client with:

(a) different controls, (b) different graphics engine, and (c) probably different perspective on the game – it won’t fly.

However Blizzard could develop a “resting low-fi” option for walking through high lag/latency/population areas so that the game does not stutter.

ie. Whenever in a “rest” area the game dynamically drops spell details, character skin, animations down to a really basic level. That way we can move through high pop areas without delay, and the auto-gimp mode would not affect questing, pvp, or raiding.

I know of people on 56k (poor souls) or throttled bandwidth who can’t log in to Dalaran; without an immediate disconnect. I also know from personal experience that running Vent + WoW on 64k in 25m is an immediate fail and disconnect. But then I’d expect that given the amount of information that each player’s game is sending to each other.

Just another random thought.