Long weekend update

Wine CountryI had a ball this long weekend, and that was due to one thing – flexibility in my social life (setting my highest priority as not having a list of priorities).

The girl returned from two weeks away and we celebrated her return by going to a few bbqs, a few dvds, and a wine trip spread over the long weekend. An absolute highlight was sitting on a small deck in the winery with a glass of wine and watching nothing happen. It was relaxing, and I took that bit of calm around with me for the rest of the weekend.

Second was the good bbqs. The first was in a groovy apartment complex just off greenhill road (plush, designed, and well presented), and the second was at a mate’s place in the north east suburbs (relaxed, nerdy, and very politically incorrect). It was like having two very different lives and stepping between them as mood permitted.

300vsDozerWarcraft was also great this weekend too. The guild’s Kara Group 2 was able to do a full clear of Karazhan, and my Tankadin was along for the ride as an Off-tank. The group 1 and group 2 thing is working out well, and I’m sure keen to see a few of the guildies get into something beyond a 10 man, and Gruul’s is the current target. We have the toon numbers, but not sure about the class mix.

I did hear that we’re still having teething problems with the Group 1 & 2 thing, but I have hope that we’ll find a happy place soon. Running two groups favours the guys who either are just new to Kara, or wish to take Alts through. Getting fully Kara geared is a good achievement, and certainly a pre-req for later stuff like Gruul. It also means a lot of hard work for a few guys who we have to get better geared, myself included. If only we could raid on weeknights rather than only on Fridays and sometimes Saturdays.

Of course I was stoked when I picked up a tanking Ring, Boots and Cloak in Kara; and also a Trinket and Shield for my Healing set. Healing gear is still way below what is useful (only +700-ish), but as time progresses it’ll improve. Tanking wise I’m getting much higher HP and my Def score is now 500. Thats plenty, so I can now start thinking about the +dam gear as well. I’ll also start to grab any plate dps gear that might go to DE as an off-set too. Got to think about the future grind, and hopefully there will be a way to level as Prot to 80, but if not having some Ret gear will be handy.

bulldozerImages are stolen – wine shot is San Francisco wine region (yum), and the tanking shot is from Something Awful’s “300 vs. Bulldozer”. Thats a great tank name by the way: Bulldozer – have to be a Warrior Tank. You could call a Druid Meatshield, and a pally Radioactive, because they pulse with light and damage.

Now I’m rambling.