Guest on TNB Roundtable

Was recently invited to my first Roundtable on TNB – it was wonderful wonderful fun. Topic: Whatever!

The guests were of a particularly high caliber, and folks who I have read for a while (and I was chuffed to be asked):

Follow us all on Twitter: @stoppableforce @ladygypsy @theelitists @typhoonandrew and @daewin

We covered the following topics:

  • Masteries in Cataclysm, what are they?
  • Progressive “nerfication” of Raids (the buff that is being rolled out monthly)
  • The Purpose of a Guilds
  • The Perfect Random Dungeon group
  • Are Addons a Critical Tool or Crutch

Go download and listen, it was a blast!

WoW Patch 3.3.3 is good

Looks like the details of patch 3.3.3 have been published, and there is a stack of changes that are interesting. Go read the source, and here are my highlights…

World of Warcraft, Patch 3.3.3 – I’m calling the patch, “Revenge of the PuGs”, but also could be “Revenge on the Puggers”.

  1. Battlegrounds get their own LFG tool, which will make farming honor for folks like me who don’t care much easier.
  2. Many instance dialogues will be further sped-up (Culling of Stratholme I’m looking at you). Friggin-yay!
  3. Death Knight changes:
    1. Icy touch will cause more threat in Frost presence!
    2. Chains of Ice applies frost fever!
    3. Abom’s might is a passive increase now.
    4. Will of the Necropolis has no internal cool down any more. Holy-awesome for Blood tanks.
    5. Unbreakable Armour buff Strength from 10% to 20%. Cool.
    6. Unholy Blight now stops diseases from being dispelled. Um, ok. Nice change but was this a problem in pvp?
  4. Druids
    1. Typhoon mana cost reduced from 32% to 25%. I love Tyhoon even in pve, as even my shitty boomkin gear can pull aggro if I’m being silly.
    2. StarFall damage increased. Cool, I’ll have to use it and see. Never really use it at the moment.
  5. Frozen Orbs can now buy all sorts of stuff, which is why all the guys in pugs are rolling need.
  6. No cool down on TitanSteel, nice for gearing alts.
  7. AH changes to the default interface (watch those add-ons break) which will be interesting to see.
  8. LFG Random tool
    1. The debuff increased to 30 mins (harsh but I like it).
    2. Vote to kick now has to give a reason. Lets hope that is not free text. 🙂
    3. Note here that the number of times you kick, are kicked, and all sorts of other stuff is tracked.
  9. Sorting on Quest interface. Nice, looking forward to that.

Question: Dungeon finder has favourites?

Tried three times solo joining for a “random” dungeon this morning, and every time I was given HoR; which for me as a tank in my gear is a total waste of energy. I’m badly geared for it, and groups seem to wipe far too often for something not to be suss.So this morning the finder was playing favourites, and while I understand that you take a random and you get places where you are needed, but sheesh!

Consider too that I am certainly not the only person ranting about this.

So I have to ask, is the finder incorrect in putting that class/gear mix together?

Am I missing something very significant about the strategy for HoR?

What do we know about the gear level priority for groupings?

My approach is to HoR is to stack up in a corner, and kill the Priests and Mages first, and the Hunter last. Open to suggestions, please, anything would help!

My fourth LFG random attempt was with a mate, and we got HoL, and finished it with no issues. Go figure.

LFG Perspectives

Gnomeaggedon has a darn good post about how the Hardcore folks do not own the LFG randoms, and Gearscore checks and general 5k dps requirements are a total joke in random heroic runs. He’s dead right. The rude pricks should f*@k off.

I wrote a comment over there that was long enough to be a blog post, so I’m repeating it here too after the break.

Update:  Its going to get far far worse before it gets any better. This will be to boiling point, rants, spitting, and insults before we see any drop off of asshats. Why? The asshats either like to piss people off, or don’t realise they are a waste of oxygen (aka an Oxygen Thief).

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Add Raids to LFG system

The LFG system is awesome, but it still needs more:

  • Add the Weekly quest raid to it.
  • Add all the raids in a separate area (+ thing), so we can pick find groups easily for VoA, OS, Naxx, Uld, ToC, ICC etc. (Edit): Just found that this is already in game, press “O” then click the “Raid Finder”. No idea what the shortcut key is.
  • Do not let anyone teleport when combat has started.
  • Do not let a kick happen once a boss has been engaged, until loot distribution is finished.

This will all but remove the need for folks to type in the LFG channel, and send a clear message about gear level expected for runs. No more “you’re not worthy” or “link achieve” rubbish.

DK LF Guild as DPS; and Recruitment needs

Yesterday I read about a guild recruitment website called WoW Headhunter and for me its announcement in the community is topical. I’m thinking about a new guild. This is one of those brain dump posts where I’m thinking while typing…

wow-headhunterThe need for a good Guild Recruitment method is almost as needed as a good LFG tool, but it is basically how we find like minded folks. You might think this is a little skewed (and personal), but now that I’m looking for a new guild, I’m finding that there are no measures or consistencies in the way we’re talking about Guilds.

So WoW Headhunter has something to offer. A quick review:

  • Searching is by Server and Faction. Good.
  • You can browse really quickly, and the information is succinct.
  • Application to a Guild is simple, but its odd that you can’t quickly create a login without doing an application.
  • The classes, levels, needed for, number of folks, guild website and short paragraph are stuff you’ve expect.
  • Needs a time stamp or an obvious way for the browser to see how long an opportunity has been present.
  • The key feature is the type of player is sorted using a very interesting series of metrics.
    • Reckless vs Deliberate
    • Sociable vs Competitive
    • Fun vs Serious
    • Learner vs Veteran.

measures-of-playersI love this idea. Its like the Myers-Briggs personality assessment, but in a WoW sense. This is a step in the right direction, and if the community started to use a scheme like this we might better understand other people’s wants. eg. when a R.C.S.V. says they like chatting, we’ve got an idea that they’re chatting about serious tactics, not about the silly wow movie; or the very least the things they’re chatting about will not be entry level content.

It could be argued that these ratings are still totally subjective to the individual, but at least some measures are there, and there are not any tools I can think of where a user’s objectivity can be neutralised. Maybe someone with a sociological background might tweak the classifications, or add some more? I think the creators deserve some kudos for putting the system together. It is worth checking out.

Like all these 3rd party services to WoW it will only be successful once the usage base reaches a critical mass. That is a hard thing to achieve given the Realm and Recruitment forums exist, but the forums are not a patch on this – and adoption already seems to be in progress. All three servers I chose had a few Alliance and Horde guilds looking for various classes.

I also like it because it helps address the bad, frustrating, and too narrow aspects of finding a guild:

  • Casual vs Hardcore as terms are way too binary, so over used, and to easy to misunderstand.
  • A measure of how experienced the applicant might be, without it degenerating into a full leet-sauce resume.
  • What attitude they might bring to a team or raid.

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WoW Server Twitter

We (the community) could setup server based, or even guild based Twitter lists to help with LFG and other tomfoolery. I twittered this earlier, which is a good example of what you could do.

WoW+Twitter=Server based LFG tool. Think about it. You’d follow your svr-us, then type: “LFM H VoA, 2 dps”. And anyone keen twitters back.

  • You could get LFGs and such while offline, to see if you’re keen.
  • Guild based lists could allow quick grouping
  • It would be a huge pugger spam, as the screen-breathers ping you for SM and DM over, and over, and over, and over…

OK, bad idea. Sorry.

Edit: What I mean here is that whiel I like the Twiter idea, its getting so much popular attention in the technoology junkie circles, that I think its being used to solve false problems. Kind of like the saying “when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail”.