Kids Guild Names

It tickles the dry and sarcastic part of my brain to think that an experienced player might get beaten into a bloody pulp by a 9 year old. I know that the under 18s playerbase is present and can deliver some very reasonable quality gameplay, and was pondering guild names.

I guess the question needs to be asked – is it a good idea to indicate that the player may be a child in the first place? Especially with a guild-tag? Probably something for their legal guardians to ponder, like everything else they experience in and out of game.

Some names might be:

  • <Primary School Raiders>, an alternate of Old School Raiders.
  • <My dad can beat up your dad>, just because its funny and an argument I hope still occurs.
  • <Have Parents will AFK>, playing on the popular guild on my server called Have Kids Will AFK.
  • <Picked Last at Dodgeball>, because these are the nerds of the future; but they’re still playing fun stuff like dodgeball, not serious sports.
  • <Baby Teeth FTW>,
  • <Mum Packs My Lunch>; don’t ask. This has very innocent meanings and very odd ones.

Happy killing.