Love those non-sensical raid mechanics

Matticus has a really nice post from a while back about the raid mechanics in encounters which frustrated or challenged us. (ref: 13 Punishing Raid Mechanics Which Made You Go “PICK ME PLEASE!” | World of Matticus). He points out 13 which deserve attention.

There seemed to be more gimmick / click challenges in raids in Cataclysm than other expansions, and thankfully the raid content I’ve seen so far in Pandaria does not have many of these gimmicks. Feng the Accursed is the exception who has a special clicky-action-fun-time-button.

Chess Event in Karazhan (Photo credit: Nicole Lee)To be clear I think a fight mechanic is a gimmick when it is not logical in the setting or story. It might be shallow but if the mechanic makes lore sense then it is far easier for me to integrate into my understanding of the fight, and therefore defeat. There are great, poor, and average special mechanics in the game, so here are a few I thought to note. Continue reading

Instance server was down (depressed?)

We had a run for an hour or so, and then found Kara impossible to complete. Not because of lack of skill, but because of a Instance Lockout. The delay cost us 1+hrs, and really derailed me for a while afterward.

But almost all the group was able to come back, and we cleared a few more bosses (Maiden and Nightbane). Its all badges for most of the guys, but I scored some gear for Tanking and off-spec too.

It was strange to think that while the lockout was in affect our toons were trapped in Karazhan. Made me think of those poor guys playing in Dalran who have been locked in a bubble for centuries. I’d really like to see inside Dalran and what the Kirin Tor have survived to become.

Kara Class Requirements

kara art shotAfter a little discussion in guild, a list of stats required for entry to Karazhan is a handy thing. Here is a list of suggested requirements for each class, with specs noted. I’ve tried to keep the requirements low, assuming that you wouldn’t have a group where everyone is at the minimums.

Warning: This is from the Interwebs, and I am no expert!

Continue reading

You have to love Kara

Last night was one of the best runs I’ve had for loot, but also a very educational run for other (better) reasons.

The lessons I took away from the run are not new to me, but they were really highlighted.

DPS is not as important as some other affects.
I used Curse of Tongues on most of the caster trash/adds, and I think it made a real difference to how easy tha trash was to drop. I knew that banish was a huge advantage, but also started to direct fire harder on trash, especially when it gets close to death. If I pull aggro and it was a small HP% left, then I’ll just take a few hits and Shadowburn the bastard.

Boss Timers are critical.
Curator has this great period where he takes extra damage, and timers can help load up the damage, especially for warlocks with Curse of Doom.

I’ll have to find a boss-mod that I can switch on as needed for that Boss.

Keep a Soulstone created at all times
Keeping a soulstone created to pop on a rezzer saved us, and the one time I almost didn’t worry we wiped. A good positive lesson.

Lastly I was lucky to get the Bands of Nefarious Deeds from Maiden, and then when nobody else in the raid wanted Robe of Elder Scribes from Nightband; well it was Christmas.

Thank you to all the Endeavour guys and gals.