Hands shaking, need better pc (joke)

The “back-up laptop” is not all I’d hoped or remember. True it is a significant step down from the old MacBook Pro that my old work gave me, sheesh its slow. Was the Internet ever this slow? Celeron 1.4 gighz, 256mb ram, Windows XP.

I’m going mad.


I think I can scam this…

I was reading random blogs at lunch today and found a screen shot of an NPC in Exodar. It got me thinking…

I bet I could put my warlock in crappy gear that looks like NPC clothes, make a guild called <Master Leatherworker>, and stand next to this guy in the image. Then all have to do is charge a heap for each wrapped gift sold via trade.

It could make Grifter look nooby at scamming toons. OK, i wont, but sheesh thats close to my toon name.