Armory on your iPhone

A dev named SaladFork has created an Armory web page optimised for the iPhone. That right folks – you can now browse toons on the Armory using a custom webpage built for mobile devices. The author has put a good deal of effort into the initial beta version, and my quick testing found it worked a treat. Take a look here, or the home page

For me this is a great form of convergence: wow + iphone = geek fun anywhere.

Aussies get the iPhone

In pretty exciting news it looks like the iPhone will be released in Australia in the last week of June. Linkage via MacTalk Forums.

More than one carrier supported, iPhone 2.0, 3G support, no lock in contract. Thats a shift in policy for Apple, and hopefully it will work out well.

Will it see me upgrade from my current model – doubtful. Grats to the folks who were dying for them. (thanks to Ollie for the info)

iPhone theme for World of Warcraft

In an attempt to raise my nerd factor a little higher, I’ve taken an iPhone theme for World of Warcraft, and updated it as a SummerBoard theme that will run with v1.1.1 of the iPhone software.

The URL is:

Hope you can enjoy.

To use you’ll need to copy these files onto your iPhone and place them into the Themes directory below the SummerBoard directory.