Playing wow for gold? Nope


There is a spot-on post by Tobold which questions those players who play to acquire in-game currency (Optional Economies). It’s not that playing to get large amounts of gold is not a valid goal – it is; but some players do not care at all for the economies. It resounds for me as I am one of those players. Gold is just another token to get to the other end-goal.

With so much concentration on efficient gold farming and selling around, its good to see a blogger outlining that non-gold approaches are not silly. Playing for gold to me seems silly; I’d be better off working another job if I wanted to acquire extra money in my spare time. I don’t – I want to relax.


Custom Joke Items for WoW


I still like the idea of faux items in WoW and would love a real in-game item of my own (obviously). Mr Robot guys asked about an item for them in game during the Twisted nether interview.

The MOO as created on the Wow Item Creator website. What items would you like to see?