Hunter just need Healing

Reading the upcomming changes, it seems all classes are getting adjusted. As you’d expect. However there is one class that seems to be getting a heck of a lot of love, and very little in the way of downward adjustment. Hunters.

Dps when solo, dps in arena, dps in raids, battlegrounds, etc. Crowd control in many ways, and one of the best aggro dumps in the game, which doubles as a free “oh shit” button when a wipe is occuring. Mana return, so minimal down time, stuns, the list goes on. Continue reading

Strange Hunter Thoughts

I don’t get hunters, but I do like what they do. Jez plays one, and I think the nutty animal obsessed nature is sinking in (they are cute, but they’re no demons). While we were chatting about the weekend’s round up, I started considering a few cosmetic changes to some aspects of the class.

1. Make pets run away and fade, and run in when summoned. They are animals and I guess part of the Hunter “magic” allows them to be summoned. Kinda like the Silver in the Lone Ranger, or the magical Horses in Tolkien.

I suppose in the same breath people will say that all sorts of entry and exit, dismount, summon, and sequence animations might be handy; and yep – its a pipe dream, but I like to dream.

2. Give them more pet options. It seems strange that Warlocks get a diverse small group of pets, but Hunters can only have a few at a time. Hunters have far more optional diversity in their pets than Warlocks, but I’m not sure anymore that the balance is right. Give them a extra stable slot, and we might see some extra diversity from our Hunter friends.

Then again we might see hunters with an extra cat, so they get the other one that is cute too (*ducks for cover*).

3. How do Hunters heal their pets? Is it based on +healing, +nature, or just a flat figure? I simply don’t know, so would be interested to find out. A Warlock’s shadow damage helps with our demonic healing, which makes sense (more shadow power means better manipulation of Shadow), but what is the rationale behind healing a pet at range. Its certainly not bandages, and I really don’t want to start a discussion about the application of +dam/heal/spell on other abilities; just know what the entry level logic is.

4. I also asked a dumb question this week: Q. Does it hurt fluffy when you stuff him in your bags? A. Laughter…., as they are dismissed just like Warlock pets. Hey, I’m a lock; your fur fetish is not something I’ve taken interest in before.