Mogu Rune Cost reduced from 90 to 50 Lesser Charms


WowHead has some news on a change in patch 5.3 for WoW, the primary change from the list I really like is the switch of 90 down to 50 lesser charms to buy Mogu Runes (src).

Less charms means more coins and less daily quests. Well potentially.

Death Strike buff for DK Tanks

There has been a buff to Blood DK’s talent of Improved Death Strike – it now provides 40/80/120% bonus damage, up from 30/60/90%, and a 10/20/30% critical strike bonus, up from 3/6/9% (source).

This would not affect Blood Shield (I assume – as it is inbound damage not outbound that is used in the calc), or affect threat beyond the additional threat caused by the damage applied.

This seems good, I like any buff. The hotfix now applied to live realms as at 19 July 2011. If Death Strike’s Bloodshield would persist a few seconds longer I’d be happier still.

I didn’t note any major issue, but then I only really tank when we’re very short of actual Tanks these days. There area few other sources which have requests for this, dating back a long while. Some folks don’t believe this is real at all.