Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros – at last

It took a long time, but I finally own a legendary. The Hand of Ragnaros is a total mongrel to get, and I can promise that I will not be in Molten Core farming there next week!

Now I have this it means the Guild has also started the downward spiral of achievements for the guild, I hope to see some other poor bastard farming for the legendary gear.

One can wish that we will eventually have a nice set of Legendary items to gloat over.

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Farming for a Legendary or two

With the chatter about the new caster staff in Patch 4.2, I’ve realised that getting Legendary item must be one of my priorities that I am god awful at.

Thus far I am in the middle of three paths:

  • The Hand of Rag – which has been in progress for a very long time. The Eye of Rag is the only item I need, and I’ve not seen one in many years.
  • Shadowmourne – I’m up to the serious stage where you start collecting souls, but I have the bloods already.
  • Thunderfury – just got the Garr binding last night, and now adding BWL and all the additional farming to my already long list of junk to do.

I can’t imagine getting even one of these complete. It also makes me think that a Warrior wielding a Legendary weapon in each hand would be overly cool, and make me very envious.

It also makes me think that I may as well add the other legendaries to the list. I’m sure there are players out there with 3+ items – got to have goals afterall. In for a penny

Happy farming, see you in Molten Core.