Noth’n Suss

Nothing suspect about a level 1 warrior pinging all classes and such. His name seems to be gibberish. Nothing at all. What strikes me as odd is how (after how easy the interface is) this guy couldn’t even use a macro properly. Fail.

noth'n sussSo hard to get good help these days. I reported him just to be sure, and at least that keeps his spam from interfearing with Topper and Miller’s spam.

Gold spam via Gmail

Something new for me today: receiving gold seller spam on my Gmail account. Now my gmail account is not well known, and I’m certainly not plastering it around.

This says to me that online games are now so popular that the spam-jerks are willing to plaster the messages about. Interesting yes, also pretty fucked.

They can hang the gold sellers from one side of the stocks, and balance it with the spammers on the other as far as I’m concerned.