Music to murder by

An non-sensical as it sounds I really like chilled music, or classical when playing fast games. It should be more heavy, perhaps faster, and certainly more like the YouTube “how to solo scholo” vids I guess. But that isn’t me. Could even be the WoW music, although I listen to that at work when I’m not playing, so it seems odd to hear it when I’m thrashing about in game.

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What type of gamer are you?

A quiz for determining what type of gamer you are, similar to the Myers-Briggs test. I’m a EASK, which means I like walking around the worlds finding stuff; much more than I like killing other players. Apparently a game like NWN2 is best for me, which is funny because I’m going to start playing that when it arrives in a few weeks.

Two workmates are the same, but they like killing the people they meet (and they call me the sociopath – sheesh).

Reminds me of that line, “Join the Army, meet new and interesting people, and kill them!” Perhaps America’s Army is the game for them…