Who was your first?

Achievements are funny things. They help us measure up, give us new targets, and re-live old experiences. But there are things that are important to the experience of playing WoW that are never tracked.

  • First level 80, 70, and 60 character
  • First keyboard dummy spit when somebody needed to be shutdown
  • First Guild, and why
  • First mod that you installed
  • First pvp match or first instance

Which firsts should be tracked, maybe by account, and what is missing that you’d like to see?

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The first steps at 80

There seems to be a few forum posts out there about what to do at 80. Now if that question is about the long term view, then nobody can tell you what you’ll enjoy. However if its about what you must do first, then there are some obvious things. My first steps upon reaching 80 were:

  1. get the tabards for eac of the reps that is important. Wowwiki.com and wowhead/wowdb are handy for looking up the reps.
  2. get level 80 skills trained
  3. consider a respec, I needed one
  4. check the AH for bargain upgrades for key items
  5. get your last  Glyph slot filled
  6. go to the final zones and complete all the quest chains to unlock the quest hubs. Ebon Hold for example does not exists as a hub until you complete a few quests.
  7. get all the flight points
  8. get your epic flier, so you don’t have to pay the highly expensive flight point costs
  9. max out your professions

Points 6-9 I am still working on, and they’re as fun as the leveling process. The gold rewards at top level make it still really worth doing the quests too.