Dungeon Finder: Call to Arms follow-up

I ranted in the last blog post, and altogether expected to be on the edge of the range of opinions. Surprisingly that is not the case; a lot of people are posting thoughst about this update. That may mean that it is not ideal, and will not address the range of issues that the community have.

But what if Blizzard said they’re going to pull it; what would happen?

I suspect that there is a loud voice of bloggers which speak out often, and speak more often when something is not quite right. This means that there is likely to be a body of players who are happy with this, will use it, and might be getting sick of the rants from bloggers (such as myself) who seem to be consistently talking down the game, or negative. That is not at all the case.

To be clear on what I want:

  1. Introduce this Call to Arms, its a good idea.
  2. Then add role based restriction on Need rolls in random dungeon groups. The armour type restriction was a good start, the end fix just needs to be implemented. 
  3. Then reduce the cooldown for kicks in groups for the group leader.
  4. Then reduce the cooldown on kicks for the Call to Arms player.

I am not sure if a character using the Call to Arms option should be identified to the group. It would make it clear that they are deliberately helping, but also may rub the rewards in the faces of others. I’ll ponder and get back to you.

Happy Randoms

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Question: Dungeon finder has favourites?

Tried three times solo joining for a “random” dungeon this morning, and every time I was given HoR; which for me as a tank in my gear is a total waste of energy. I’m badly geared for it, and groups seem to wipe far too often for something not to be suss.So this morning the finder was playing favourites, and while I understand that you take a random and you get places where you are needed, but sheesh!

Consider too that I am certainly not the only person ranting about this.

So I have to ask, is the finder incorrect in putting that class/gear mix together?

Am I missing something very significant about the strategy for HoR?

What do we know about the gear level priority for groupings?

My approach is to HoR is to stack up in a corner, and kill the Priests and Mages first, and the Hunter last. Open to suggestions, please, anything would help!

My fourth LFG random attempt was with a mate, and we got HoL, and finished it with no issues. Go figure.