Mr Robot gets even better

hmmm, Mr Robot just added support for:

  • Find upgrades for valor points, what raids to run, etc.
  • Best in Bag let Mr. Robot dig through your bags & tell you the best items to equip for your main and off specs.
  • Shopping list  will make sure you don’t miss any optimizations.

You’ll need a premium account, or try a 1 week trial. The killer feature I see is the “Best in Bags” feature, because it allows the odd and different gear to be included in optimisation. Yes, it is not overtly hard to suss, but this is about making the choices for you.

And for those who just like the free Optimise service, that has not changed.

Its a great offer, and when I tried the free week everything looked and worked as I expected. Good stuff.

The Ultimate Hardcore Game

I’m reading a lot about how WoW is becoming too easy, and the Hardcore folks are not happy. It is apparently now catering to casuals, school moms (not that they can’t be hardcore, but that is another url), and face-rollers. The dual spec in 3.1 is just the most recent item to illicit this response.

OK then Hardcore players… you tell me – What would be the broad design guidelines for the most Hardcore MMO?

Lets write a list that will scare the drooling face-rollers back under the house, and make the hardcore players salivate with delight. Continue reading